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If You Need To Move It, Cube It. Get A Quote Today!


The best way to move.

Our modular shipping container system streamlines the transportation of your goods in a secure, fast and cost-efficient manner. Long Distance moving companies do things the old fashion way which is no longer your only option. Move it Cube it removes the stress from the moving process by allowing you to take control of your move from start to finish. Find out why Move it Cube it is the best way to move.


Moving Yourself - DIY Moving

By choosing the DIY option, you can move at your own pace and schedule
to have your cube picked up when you’re ready.


Long Distance Movers - Long Distance Moving Services

As a long distance moving company, we have licensed and insured movers arrive at your
location, professionally pack the items and securely load your items into the cubes.


Long Term Storage Services - Short Term Storage Services

Whether you are moving directly into your new residence or may require short or
long-term storage in between, Move it Cube it can service your needs.

Military Moves - Personally Procured Moves

Our cubes are the most cost-effective way to move, meeting all of your change
of station needs with private and secure door-to-door delivery.


Moving into a college dorm or apartment near campus?
Move it Cube it makes starting your journey easy.

Moving Yourself - Move it Cube it
Company Principles:
Your Benefits Are
Our Goals.

Move it Cube it takes pride in being the cornerstone of innovation in the moving and storage industry. Our mission is to remain customer-centric while providing the best moving experience possible.

No Communication Limits

Speak with our experts to see how Move it Cube it helps simplify your moving experience. Get your move started with using our secure, reliable and trackable cubes by speaking with a Cube Pro today!

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Our tracking system gives you peace of mind while ensuring items are easily located during your long distance move.

Long Distance Movers - Long Distance Moving Services

Each cube that is loaded onto our trucks is equipped with its own tracking system and scanned upon entering and exiting our warehouses using RFID tags. This allows you to track the shipment throughout the transport process, and always understand exactly where your items are on their journey.

Privacy & Security
Long Distance Movers - Long Distance Moving Services - Movers -Cross-Country movers

In traditional moving, your items are exposed if anyone were to open the back of a moving truck. With Move it Cube it, though, they remain private and secure in our cubes. Our containers have a solid wall construct that keeps the identity of the items private during transport. Every customer locks the cube themselves before the container is loaded into the truck for transport.

Once you close and lock the doors of your cube, they won’t be opened again until the cube is delivered. This keeps your household items secure from theft and damages throughout the transport process.


Our system operates on a pre-determined cross-country transport schedule allowing for accurate and efficient pick-up and delivery windows.


Our cubes are secure, impact and water resistant and can be kept outside for an extended period of time.

Long Distance Movers - Long Distance Moving Services

Reduction in Risk.

Standard long-distance moving includes a great deal of risk. With Move it Cube it, though, our system is designed to cut risk at every corner. Not only does our system operate on a well-established cross-country transport schedule, but our pick-up and delivery windows are accurate and efficient. What’s more, each of our cubes is impact- and water-resistant, and made from heavy-duty material, which is designed to ensure the security of your cargo throughout the journey.


Each of our cargo cubes is versatile enough to handle anything you want to pack into it. In addition to the fact that we offer multiple cubic feet and weight options, our cubes are intelligently designed to maximize space and make it easier for you to arrange your items. Once you’ve packed them to your liking, we’ll move them with our unique pallet jack system, which makes it safe to weigh and move each cube safely.

Move it Cube it - The Best Way to Move

Move it Cube it is your one-stop shop moving company. Our team of experts and long distance movers will provide you with the best service in the industry. Compared to other cross country movers, our system will ensure that your move is a memorable experience.

Let’s get your move started!
It’s now easy to find a long distance moving company, use move it cube it.