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5 Reasons Our Cubes are More Convenient than Self Storage

Having a self-storage facility is great, visiting it is not so great. Having one means you have a climate-controlled home worthy of your precious belongings.  Visiting your self-storage unit, on the other hand, usually means some schlep work is involved.  Whether you’re moving something in or taking something out,  you could be in for a grueling few hours or so.

At Move It Cube It, the schlep stops here. Not only do we offer our customers the use of our climate-controlled, fully monitored facilities, but with our proprietary cubes, we’ve got the (moving) ins and (moving) outs of storage down to a science. For those considering renting a self-storage unit, here’s a bit about us and why you should check our facilities out first.

Five Reasons Our Cubes are More Convenient Than Self Storage

In case you haven’t heard of MICI before, we’re the company that essentially revolutionized the moving business. After 50 years of experience, we saw that the traditional moving process was flawed and we knew we could do better. And with innovation, sweat, and experimentation, we did. Our impact, weather-resistant cube is a groundbreaking product designed to fix the problems associated with conventional moving. Here are five ways our cubes solve common self-storage difficulties.

#1 The Convenience of Loading Time

At Move It Cube It, we leave our cubes at your house so you can pack them at your convenience. Unlike traditional moving companies, we don’t give you a time to be ready for us, you give us a time when we can be ready for you.  When you move with us, you’re in control of your move, from the packing to the transport, to the unpacking.

For tips on packing and organizing your self-storage unit, check out moving.org.

#2 No Truck Rental Needed For Big Items

When you work with Move It Cube It, there’s no truck rental required. If you need a large item moved, Move It Cube It will pick up the loaded cube and bring it to your destination or our climate-controlled warehouse as part of our services.

#3 Full-Service Options

Although we leave our cubes at your house to be packed at your convenience, that doesn’t mean we won’t help you pack them. With our full-service option, the only finger you’ll lift is your thumb. We offer a team of trained, vetted professionals that will see you through every aspect of your move and keep it as simple and streamlined as possible.

#4 Damage Reduction

During moves, damage happens. As a professional and experienced moving company, we know that most of that damage happens when items are handled. When we created our cubes, we aimed to keep handling to a minimum.

With Move It Cube It, your items are handled only once – when they are packed. From that point on, they remain isolated and compartmentalized. When its time for them to be transferred to your storage unit, our cubes work with our engineered truck and pulley system to unload your belongings with the touch of a button.

#5 Cuts Labor Costs

And when items are handled, who does that handling but a bunch of big burly men? Not that we have anything against big burly men (in fact, we quite a few of them on our team) but they do need to be paid. Because our modular shipping container system cuts down on labor, it also cuts down on the cost of labor, which means we’re able to make our services affordable for our customers.

Move It Cube It Store It

That’s the way it works at Move It Cube it. We move it, we cube it and we store it. No unnecessary handling and virtually no risk of damage. If you’re considering self-storage, look at Move It Cube It today. Request our rate quote and see what we have in storage.



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