Cross Country Moving Services

An Easy Overview On Cross Country Moving Services

Pack up the precious contents of your house, haul them on to a huge commercial vehicle, and have them moved thousands of miles cross country accompanied by burly men required to handle them several times before reaching their destination.  Now, what could go wrong with that? That’s a question most cross country moving services don’t want you to think about.

The main difference between Move It Cube It and other cross country moving services is that we have thought about it and we’ve come up with an innovative solution – cubes. Move It Cube It simplifies the process by storing your belongings into secure impact and weather resistant cubes which you lock yourself. While the cube is in transit, you can count on the peace of mind of knowing your items are safe and secure. Here’s a more in-depth look at what you have to gain by using Move It Cube It.

What You Need to Look For In A Cross Country Moving Service

  • Expertise and Reliability

If interstate moving is child stuff, cross country moves are rocket science. When you move cross country, your belongings may become spread across huge states. It’s easy to see how cross country moves can be both logistically challenging for the moving company and mentally challenging for the customer.

Naturally, the first thing you want to do is to find a reliable cross country moving service with years of expertise. That will ensure that the movers know how to handle both the professional and personal aspects of a move.

Move It and Cube It has years of experience in the industry.  With Move It Cube It, your move will be handled by a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience dedicated to making your moving experience as stress-free as possible.

  • Customer Reviews


One way to get an accurate picture of the experience of working with a cross country moving service is by reading what other people have to say about them. In addition to checking their DOT complaint history, research the company and look for reviews and ratings on their website, and well as others. See what people have to say about Move It and Cube It Here.

How Move It and Cube It Ups The Game

 Not only does Move It and Cube It offer years of experience and raving customer reviews, but it also offers innovation. They’re dedicated to the ideas of customer service, simplicity, and straightforwardness. With Move It and Cube It, you can rest assured that:

  • Your items will only be handled once
  • Scheduling will be accurate and efficient
  • Your cubes will be weather and impact resistant
  • Your items will be safely and securely transported

How It Works:

 The way Move It and Cube It works is really quite simple. First,  a weather and impact resistant cube will arrive at your house to be loaded at your convenience. You’ll have the option of the full-service package, which comes with professionals to help you pack or you can choose to go it alone as a DIY customer.

Once it’s packed, you get the peace of mind of knowing you have locked up the cube and, as a result, no one will have access to it until you are reunited with it at your destination. While the cube is on the move, your personal out of state moving coordinator will be available to provide updates. You can also track the whereabouts of your cube by using the Move It Cube It tracking system. Once your cubes arrive at their final location, you will be notified immediately.


 Expertly engineered trucks and pulley system work to cut down on risks of damage of belongings. In other words, no manhandling.

  • Lower labor costs: Time saved on labor equals less cost for the customer.
  • The cubes are isolated so your belongings stay separate: No danger of items being lost or confused with others.

 What could go wrong with moving cross country? A lot fewer thanks to Move It and Cube It’s cross county moving service. Check it out for yourself and see if it doesn’t help to take some of the load off your cross country move.

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