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Choosing a Reputable Long Distance Mover

It’s always nice to have options when choosing a long distance mover, but how should you narrow down the list?  You are already juggling a lot with planning, getting quotes and finding housing in your new area. Making a choice like this is even more difficult for first timers. If this is your first time hiring professional long distance movers, we’ve got some helpful tips to help you book a trust-worthy long distance mover.

Concerns of MoverCommon Concerns When Choosing a Long Distance Mover

It is common to have anxieties about the various aspects of your long distance move. You may be wondering if the long distance mover will handle your items carefully, and respect  your home. Some customers want assurance that their items will be safe and secure throughout the move as well.  A long distance mover’s ability to execute a move efficiently, while also being safe and secure depends on the moving company itself.  Most importantly, some companies are in the business of targeting unsuspecting families while they are in a vulnerable position. Luckily, there are measures you can take to ensure you find a reputable long distance mover you can trust.

How to Screen Your Long Distance Moving Company

In recent years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, has reported an increased number of complaints against movers. A large portion of these complaints stem from fraudulent long distance movers. For this reason, it is important that you vet these long distance moving companies carefully.

InsuranceComparing Licenses and Insurance

Your first step is to confirm that your moving company is licensed and insured.  When you use a long distance mover who is licensed and insured you have assurance that your belongings will be protected in the event of damage or loss.

All long distance moving companies are required to register with the Department of Transportation.  However local movers are only required to register in their operating state. In that case, you will need to research your state’s individual requirements.

In regard to insurance there are two main types of protection: Full Value and Released Value.

Full Value Protection insures your items for the full replacement cost of your items at the expense of the long distance moving company. On the other hand, Released Value Protection, means your long distance moving company only has to pay 60 cents per pound for items that are lost or stolen. This insurance costs less than full protection.

Confirm Your Long Distance Moving Companies are Registered with Consumer Agencies

A quality reputable mover will have an established and positive presence with consumer agencies. This is where consumers go to rate, review and rectify complaints against businesses. This is a helpful place to evaluate and narrow down your list of choices before you start calling around for quotes.

Review sites can also give you an idea of how accountable a company is regarding the quality of their services. Just remember to weigh your evaluations fairly. A company with a five star rating may only have a high evaluation because they only have a handful of reviews. Whereas another company may be in business longer and have thousands of reviews landing them with four stars.  Friends and family recommendations may help as you make your final determinations with your top long distance moving companies.

Compare and Contrast Your Long Distance Moving Company Quotes

Not all long distance moving company estimates are created equal. The process of getting quotes is not as simple as who is offering the lowest price. These are just quotes after all. Moving companies start with quotes based on a verbal conversation, but the best long distance moving companies will also provide a visual estimate. Visual estimates will naturally be more accurate than the quotes given over the phone.  All quotes given to you by reputable long distance moving companies will be in writing. Furthermore, if one company is drastically lower, ask them why.

Use the In-Person Estimate to Assess their Professionalism

Any long distance moving company can present themselves professionally over the phone. When you meet with members of the staff in person, you have another chance to gauge their sincerity and experience-level.  Not only will reputable moving companies have answers for your questions, but they should have a helpful educational attitude as well. After all, you are the inexperienced customer, and they are the experts. Other things to look out for include punctuality, attention to detail, professional paperwork and procedures, and well-groomed, uniformed appearance.

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Choosing a Reputable Moving Company like Move It Cube It

If you’ve never used a long distance moving company before, you have a lot to think about. When you choose Move It Cube It, you are in more control of your long distance move. Our cubes were designed to be compact, efficient and secure. This means you’ll have less to worry about because you are the one who locks up your cube before transport. Call us today to see if Move It Cube It is the reputable long distance mover you have been looking for.

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