Corporate relocation services

Corporate Relocation Services To Fit Your Move

There’s a whole wide world of business opportunities out there, and you want your company to play a part in every one. For you, that means asking some of your most valuable players to relocate. Those are your best people you’re sending out there. You need to find a corporate relocation service you can rely on to get them there in the best shape possible.

No matter how well your employees handle stress in the workplace, even the most resilient are going to need some extra reassurance when it comes to moving. After all, they’re moving their lives, families, and possessions with them.  Not only do they have to worry about scheduling, logistics, and possibly setting their children up in a new school, they have their belongings to worry about as well. Moving can be stressful enough without arriving at your destination with your stuff broken.

What if you could give them some extra reassurance by using a corporate relocation service with a little edge over the competition? Move It Cube It is a company on the edge of innovation. The team there knows how important it is to get your valuables to your final location in one piece.

Their solution is impact and weather resistant cubes. The cube is delivered to your house, you pack it with all your items, and you lock it. Move It Cube It comes and picks it up and takes it to your landing place. You’re items stay safe and secure, with no risk of anyone handling them while they’re in transit.


Hiring A Corporate Relocation Service

Some things change, others stay the same. No matter how innovative a company’s services are, reliability and experience are still the bottom line.  It’s important to vet corporate moving services to make sure they can be trusted to do the job right.


Ask your moving service how much experience they’ve had with corporate moving. There’s probably a lot of delicate technological equipment that needs to be handled with care, and a lot of people that need to be handled with care as well.

Make sure the corporate relocation service you hire are well prepared to take on anything that comes there way, from stressed-out clients to steep stairs and small doorways.


Every professional interstate moving company should be properly licensed by the U.S. DOT. You can use its license number to check on its complaint history. If the company only does local moving, it should have a state license. Each state is subject to its own set of regulations and licensing requirements.


Reviews are probably the most telling in what the actual moving experience is like. They also come from unbiased parties, so you know you’re getting the real scoop. A good company should have customer reviews posted on their website, and some posted by outside sources as well. Do your research before you choose your corporate moving service. Reviews are one of your most valuable resources in finding a corporate moving service. Take advantage of them.


Move It Cube It Moving Services

Move It Cube It has the experience, licensing, and expertise to handle both long and short distance corporate moves. Its team of seasoned professionals has many years of reliable service and expertise on its resume. The enthusiastic team ensures all moves are as stress-free as possible.


State of the Art Technology

Add to that the unique state of the art cube technology:

  • Our weather resistant cubes are dropped at your starting point at your convenience.
  • You have the choice between a full-service move, in which the professionals will load your equipment under your supervision, or you can choose to do it yourself.
  • Once the cube is loaded, the client has the satisfaction of locking the cube before the trucks are headed for transit. This provides the added peace of mind of knowing no one will handle your items along the way.
  • Cubes are moved using an innovative cube jack a pulley system.
  • Time saved on labor equals money saved for the customer.

Want to know how well our corporate relocation service works? Just check out what our customers had to say on the reviews page on our web site.  You’ll see how Move It Cube It is making innovative, affordable and stress-free moving available to a new generation.

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