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Do You Need a Local or Long-Distance Moving Company

This may be news to you but local and long-distance moving companies are not created equal.  While some duties between local and long-distance moving companies will overlap, there are some things that only a long-distance moving company will do. If you have an upcoming move that is crossing state lines, you might be in need of a long-distance mover. Here’s the scoop on what long-distance moving companies do differently from their local counterparts.

The Differences Between Local and Long-distance Moving Companies

While local movers often offer similar services for packing and loading items they are limited in some respects. Local movers typically are limited to conducting household or business moves within state boundaries. Regulations within the transportation industry may be one reason why they don’t venture beyond border. Other reasons may be that it is too costly to make a long-distance move with no additional customer to transport back. This is where the long-distance moving company model comes into play.

Long-distance moving companies have established service areas throughout the nation. This means that it is typically easier and more cost effective to perform a long-distance move. Essentially long-distance services are possible at an affordable cost because the company has jobs booked for the truck each way.  Also, long-distance moving companies may have additional services such as storage in transit. This means if you have a lag in time between when you need to move out and move in, your belongings can be stored until your new home is ready.

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How to Choose Between Local or Long-distance Moving Companies

The best way to decide between local or long-distance moving companies is to consider the needs of your move. Some long-distance moving companies can also perform local moves. However, it is rare that a local mover will also be able to “go the distance” across state lines or cross country.

You may be able to get by with a local mover if your move is simple. For instance, for college students only needing to move the contents of one room. Another example of a simple move would be a household that is not taking large items such as appliances, hot tubs or aquatic tanks. This would not require some of the heavy-duty moving equipment that local movers don’t typically have on hand.

If your household or business move is a bit trickier, you may be in the market for long-distance moving companies instead.  You may be a candidate for long-distance moving company services if you are going beyond state lines, have heavy duty equipment, or are moving a large household. Local moving teams are smaller, whereas long-distance moving companies have bigger crews to get the job done.

Another reason you may need to go with long-distance moving companies is if you also need auto transportation. This is a task that only long-distance moving companies are equipped to handle.

The Next Step in Hiring a Moving Company

All moving companies, whether they are local or long-distance, have their own way of computing the costs of your move. Before you book long-distance moving companies, contact their professionals and ask for a quote. During this conversation, the representative should explain how they charge for their services, including additional fees. These quotes can only be as accurate as the information you provide so take some time prior to the calls to get an idea of how much stuff you really have to move.

After Receiving Your Quotes from Long-distance Moving Companies

In addition to asking questions related to the price of the move, there are other topics to address as well. It’s always a good idea to consider how long the company has been in business and the experience they have in the moving industry. Here are more questions worth asking your potential long-distance moving company:

  • What types of safety practices do they enforce?
  • Are they taking the time and effort to properly service their trucks?
  • How do they go about hiring and training their team?
  • Is the company accredited with consumer agencies?
  • What are other customers saying?

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Why Move It Cube It May Be Right For You

With over fifty years of moving experience, we have innovated a proprietary way to move our customers efficiently. Our cube system makes it simpler than ever to pack, load and transport big households or small jobs with ease. This is good for your mind, spirit and wallet. Call us today to see if we are the right long-distance match for you.

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