Everything You Need To Know About Interstate Moving And Storage Companies

Everything You Need To Know About Interstate Moving And Storage Companies

Sure, you want a good place to display your high school trophy collection, but it shouldn’t be as stressful as finding a good home for your family. When you’re planning an interstate move it often means leaving your prized possessions in storage. Once you finished vetting moving companies, the last thing you’ll want to do is to start vetting storage facilities. It’s best to start by looking at an interstate moving and storage company to take care of all that for you.

But what if you found a company that gave you “all that” and more?. What if, along with moving and storage, you got the added peace of mind of knowing your belongings are being handled with the best of care?  Wouldn’t it be nice to find an interstate moving and storage company that had innovative technology to ensure your stuff got there undamaged?

A Cutting Edge Interstate Moving and Storage Company

If you’re looking a company that does things a little “out of the box,” look no further than Move It Cube It. Our impact and weather resistant cubes are the latest game changers in the moving industry.

How It Works For Storage

With Move It Cube It, a driver will bring impact resistant weather resistant cubes to your house. You are free to load them at your convenience. Once the cube is packed you lock it, so you know all your possessions will remain intact during transit. After that’s done, the driver will pick the cube for you and move it to one of our secure climate controlled storage facilities where you can unlock it at your leisure.

How It Works For Your Interstate Move.

Move It Cube It uses the same cutting edge technology for your interstate move. The durable locked cubes ensure that your belongings stay safe even when items require the changing of trucks. Move It Cube It’s engineered truck and pulley system work together to transfer the cubes from one truck to the other, eliminating the risks of damage and loss that typically occur when items change hands. The cubes isolate and protect your possessions,  so there is no danger of them getting mixed with other items.


Why You Might Need An Interstate Moving and Storage Company

In Move It Cube It’s history, we’ve learned more about moving than just the process itself. We know that every interstate move has a different story behind it with its own unique circumstances. Here are some circumstances that might call for an interstate moving and storage company:



 When you’re moving from a bigger home to a smaller one, some items are hard to part with.  With Move It Cube It’s secure storage facilities, you don’t have to. Even if you’re on the fence, putting them in storage can give you some time to decide whether or not you can really live without them.

Closing Date Pushed Back

So what happens if your lease or rental agreement expires and your new home isn’t ready? You can find a hotel or a place to crash for you and your family, all of your possessions may not receive a warm reception. Here’s when you might want to start looking into an interstate moving and storage company. That way you can ensure that belongings are in a safe place until your new home becomes available.

Home Consolidation

Let’s say a couple is moving in together. She has stuff from her old place and he has stuff from his. Together, it’s never going to fit into their new apartment. Again, the storage unit to the rescue. They can leave the excess stuff in storage until they find a bigger place.

Preparing Items For Storage

While Move It Cube It storage provides a safe and secure and clean home to your possessions, to ensure they stay in excellent condition, proper preparation is necessary. Here are some tips for making sure your treasured belongings stay in tip-top  shape:

  1. Organize items so you can easily access the ones you use most.
  2. Make sure your items are clean and dry before packing
  3. Disassemble large items to better protect each individual part
  4. Pad items generously, use quality packing materials and be sure to pack boxes fully.
  5. Load it into a Move It Cube It cube and we’ll take care of the rest

Looking for an interstate moving and storage company that does things a little differently?  Move It Cube It is at your service. No matter what your situation the Move It Cube It cubes give you extra peace of mind of knowing that your possessions will arrive safely and soundly and, to us, that’s always a good move.

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