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Full Service Moves of the Future by Move It Cube It

There was a time, back in the day, when cross-country full-service moves meant loading up a wagon, hitching up a horse, and saying your prayers. Praying that your belongings got there in one piece was the least of it. Read “there” as a few acres of land with a stake in it, hopefully, your own. Nevertheless, it was purple mountains majesty and amber waves of grain and there was nothing more valuable than life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – whatever valuables that you had in the back of your wagon included.

Move It Cube It may not have been around way back then, but we still haven’t lost that pioneering spirit.  For us, the pursuit of happiness lies in the pursuit of advancement. We’ve designed our revolutionary Cube System with a little inspiration, a little perspiration and a lot of innovation. When you work with Move It Cube It, moving and moving forward are virtually synonymous.

Full-Service Moves of the Future

When Moving Squad came on the scene, it was over fifty years ago. We had reliable, experienced, licensed, and professional movers. We provided long-distance and interstate moves, self-service, and full service moves along with long-and-short term storage options. In other words, we were all you could want in a moving company, but we wanted to be all you could want and more.

Although our customers were satisfied, Move It Cube It wasn’t. We couldn’t help but notice the flaws in the moving process: the belongings that got lost and broken, the cost of labor, and the time wasted on moving items manually. That’s when we began to think in more futuristic terms.

The Cube: The Ultimate Solution

Then it hit us before faster than we could say, “Beam us up, Scotty.” We had seen the new face of moving, and it was multidimensional. In fact, it was a cube. Move It Cube It Cube Its solution is a modular shipping container system that streamlines the transport of your goods in a cost-effective, secure and time-saving manner. Plus, at Moving It Cube It, we put you at the controls from takeoff to touchdown.

Move It Cube It and Moving Into the Future

Our cubes make the risk of loss and damage a thing of the past. Not only are our cubes weather and impact-resistant, but our customers enjoy the added peace of mind of locking up their own belongings. This makes the customer the only one with access to his items throughout transit.

If the cubes need to change trucks during the trip, our state of the art truck and pulley system work to transfer the compartmentalized cubes from one truck to another. This eliminates the risk of human error, and the chance of your belongings becoming lost or getting mingled with others. Here’s the step by step breakdown:

  1. We bring our impact and weather resistant cubes to your home to be packed at your convenience. You can choose to have a full-service move (see below) or take care of the packing yourself as a DIY customer.
  2. Once the cube is packed, you lock it yourself, giving you the comfort of knowing that you are the only one with access to your belongings during the moving process.
  3. If the items need to be moved during transit, our engineered truck and pulley system works to transport your cubes from one truck to another, minimizing the risk of loss and damage to your possessions.
  4. We drop off the items at your home, or one of our climate-controlled storage facilities with your belongings fully intact.

 Bring on the Full Service

While Move It Cube It may have taken the risk of human error out of the moving process, we certainly haven’t taken the humanity out of it. No matter how efficient our cubes are, when it comes to moving, nothing beats a team of full-service moving professionals to help you sort, pack, and load your items. With the Moving Squad, we can get the heavy lifting done so quickly, you’ll think you’ve just stepped out of a time shuttle.  Here’s what our full-service moves offer:

Versatility: No matter what type of move you’re planning (interstate, local, or long distance), our professionals have the know-how and flexibility to meet every one of your moving needs.

Security: Each member of our team is vetted fully trained and experienced, so you can trust them with the most intimate and precious of your personal belongings.

Privacy: Instead of packing your boxes one by one, into the back of a moving truck, Move It Cube It consolidates them into a large, cube modular shipping cube. This protects the confidentially of your items while ensuring they won’t be handled during transit.

Accountability: Your personal moving coordinator will provide you with updates throughout your move and you can check on your cubes with our RFID tracking system.
(Sort of gives new meaning to the term “ground control”).

How to Make Contact

Ready for takeoff? Move It and Cube It reads you loud and clear. Contact us through email or by phone to learn more about full-service moves or request a free rate quote. At Move It Cube It, the future is in your hands.

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