How To Find The Full Service Long Distance Moving Company You Need

How To Find The Full Service Long Distance Moving Company You Need

Let’s face it, long distance moving is not something you want to leave to amateurs. No matter how strong and burly you might be, or how many strong burly friends you may have to help you, professionals are, well professionals. Full-service long distance moving companies offer teams of experts who can take you, and your belongings, safely and expediently over long distances.

Long Distance Moves and Full-Service Movers

Think of it this way – if you want your long distance move to go off without a hitch,  by the day of the move you should have done the following:

  1. Downsized your belongings
  2. Vetted moving companies one to two months prior to your move.
  3. Updated your documents, like driver’s license and registration.
  4. Called the utility companies to have them disconnect your gas, water, electric, etc.
  5. Told your kids old school (and probably found a school for them in their new location).
  6. Donated or sold unwanted items (yard sale, anyone?)
  7. Made an inventory list.
  8. Figure out where things will go in your new home.

Let you up, you’ve had enough! Still think you’ll be up for packing the truck and hauling your stuff cross long distance?

That’s when long-distance moves and full service seem like a match made in heaven. Reputable full-service long distance companies have the expertise to pack your belongings safely, (they know a lot about gravity and angles) and the stamina and strength to get them there in one piece.


A Little Extra Reassurance

One of the reasons that long-distance moves are especially complicated is because they’re so, well, long. Sometimes your items need to be moved from one truck to another. Even some of the best full-service long distance moving companies can’t guarantee your belongings won’t end up lost or merged with other items on the truck.

Wouldn’t it be nice if those full-service movers could offer a little extra peace of mind as well?

Move It Cube It has come up with a revolutionary innovation that might change the face of moving as we know it.  It’s an impact, weather resistant cube that ensures safe and secure transport.

Here’s  how Move It Cube It works:

  • One of our impact, weather resistant cubes is delivered to your house
  • Our full-service team will pack and load your items at your convenience.
  • After the packing is done, you lock the cube before they are loaded on the truck. That means no one else will have access to your belongings until you reach your destination.
  • The cubes also isolate your items so there’s no chance of them getting mixed with others.
  • When items need to be moved, it is done with our expertly engineered cube jack and pulley system. All the team members do is push a button. No manhandling of items necessary.
  • After the items arrive at your final destination, the full-service team will help you unload them and place them where you want.
  • Time saved on labor means money saved by the consumer.


Full-Service Team

Come for the cube, stay for the full-service team! Move It Cube It offers a staff of experienced, friendly and educated movers to make your move as simple as possible.

With our team, you’ll get:

Versality: The Move It Cube It Team are experienced in a wide variety of moves. They know the tricks of the trade necessary to streamline any moving experience.

Security:  You can trust the Move It Cube It team of reliable professionals to make sure your belongings get to their destination safe and sound.

Reliability: The Move It Cube It staff can be depended upon on for on-time service and delivery.

Dedication: When you go with Move It Cube It, you’re getting a  team will have your back from start to finish.  Choose Move It Cube It for your next long-distance full-service moving company. You’ll get the cubes, compassion and high level of service that we strive to provide for all our customers.

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