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Interstate Moves Don’t Have to be Complicated

Anyone who has ever moved to another state knows that the term “out of sight, out of mind” in no way applies to his or her belongings. When your possessions are on their way from state to another, they’re more on your mind than ever. At Move It Cube It, we get that. So much so, we’ve made it our life’s work to do something about it. After fifty years of inspiration, perspiration, innovation, and dedication to our customers, Move It Cube It has designed a modular shipping container that takes the stress out of interstate moves by putting control into the hands of our customers.

Interstate Moves the Easy Way

With Move It Cube It’s state of the art container system, we’ve managed to go where no moving company has gone before – into a world where interstate moving is stress-free. Our experienced professionals have come up with a streamlined process that guarantees the secure and safe transport of your goods, in a fast, cost-effective manner.

The process begins with our impact and weather resistant cubes. Our team delivers them to your house to be loaded at your convenience. You can elect to pack your items yourself or take advantage of our full-service moving option, in which our expert packers will do as much or as little of the packing as you like. Once your cube is packed, you lock it and hold on to the key. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your valuables will remain intact throughout your move.

Where Interstate Moving Becomes Complicated

Most companies will tell you that interstate moves are complicated, but what they might not tell you is how complicated they really get. When your belongings are transported across state lines, offloading and unloading of trucks are common. When offloading and on loading of trucks occur, the risk of human error is at its highest – the more your belongings are handled, the greater the risk of damage and loss. That’s where Move It and Cube It stands out from other companies. When the risk is at its highest, our cubes are at their best, ensuring your belongings will stay in the same condition that they were when you last saw them.

Here’s how our Interstate Moving System Works

The cubes themselves isolate your belongings so they can’t be mixed with others. When your items need to be moved, it is with the touch of a button, rather than the touch of a human hand. More traditional moving companies require several team members to move your items. With Move It and Cube It, our innovatively engineered truck and pulley system works along with our cubes to eliminate the risks that usually occur when items change hands throughout the moving process.

How can moving get less stressful than that? What if you had your own personal moving coordinator giving you regular updates throughout your move? Not only will you have access to direct communication, but you can also check up on your cubes using our RFID tracking system.

Bonus Tip: Take a page from Angie’s List for info on “How to Hire An Interstate Moving Company.”

Storage Options

Hard as it may be to believe, there is one problem our cubes can’t solve, and that’s the problem of storage. As seamless as our moving process is, there are bumps in the road – some of which require items to be stored for some time. That’s when Move It Cube It’s long term and short term storage facilities are at your service. Our spacious, clean, climate-controlled units are fully equipped to keep your items in tip-top shape until they are ready to be transported to your new location.

Interstate Moving Demystified

At Move It Cube It, we haven’t just been done that, we’ve been there and done it better. We’ve gone above, beyond and ahead of our time to create solutions and products that simplify your interstate move, by offering a secure way to move your goods in a cost-effective, time-saving manner. We’ve taken care of the complicated part; the easy part is up to you. Get in touch with us for an interstate moving rate quote and see the future of moving today.

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