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Living in New Jersey: The Best Riverfront Restaurants


New Jersey takes its food seriously. As “Diner Capital of the World,” New Jersey undoubtedly knows the importance of having a well-cooked meal within reach. And there’s certainly no shortage of well-cooked meals. New Jersey’s famous Taylor Ham Pork Roll is a reason to go there alone. However, certain occasions don’t call for diner food or a diner atmosphere.  Fortunately, there is a slew of New Jersey Riverfront Restaurants that cater to every one of them.


New Jersey Riverfront Restaurants


New Jersey restaurants are some of the best. A lot of that has to do with the diversity of its people. When you eat Jersey Italian you’re eating real Italian, when you eat Jersey Cuban, you’re eating Jersey Cuban; these recipes have been passed through generations. The view from the New Jersey Riverfront is equally as spectacular. Put them together and you really capture the “taste” of living in New Jersey. At Move It Cube It, we’ve been to some of the best New Jersey Riverfront restaurants and we can attest to the deliciousness first-hand. Here are some of New Jersey’s top-rated riverfront restaurants from one of New Jersey’s top-rated moving companies.


Pier 115 Bar and Grill


At the Pier 115 bar and grill, the best seats in the house are the ones on the “Pier Deck.” However, while the 60-person seating on the pier is breathtaking, the restaurant is pretty amazing as well.  With 115 beers on tap (hence the 115), a wood-fired pizza oven, and 2 dozen flat-screen TVs streaming international sports events nightly, Pier 115 is doing Jersey right.


Waterside Restaurant and Catering


What could be better than taking in a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline from the Hudson River than taking it in with a dish of ice cream topped with M and M’s, Oreo, brownies, chocolate sauce, and fresh cream? Come for the view, stay for the dessert or vice versa, the Waterside Restaurant is known as a popular event venue offering lunch and dinner menus daily. You’ll find a mix of Mediterranean and American Cuisine with a well-stocked bar and desserts that are worth saving room for.


The Haven


It was named the “One of the World’s 16 Most Spectacular Waterfront Restaurants” by Architectural Magazine, “very good” by the New York Times, and rated “One of the Best 20 New Jersey Riverfront Restaurants” by It also deserves to be rated “One of the Best Restaurants to Post a Picture of on Social Media.” That goes for its food as well as its view. Stick to the land with the Grilled Colorado Short Rib, or venture into unchartered territory with the Crispy Branzino Croustillant.


Carlucci’s Waterfront


Now, that’s Italian. Whether your living in New Jersey or have seen enough of it on TV, you know it’s known for its Italian population, and the Italian population is known for its incredible food. Mangia bene at Carlucci’s Waterfront, located on Rancocas on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With its award-winning Italian cuisine and bountiful wine list, and live entertainment, Carlucci’s is known primarily as a romantic spot but can also work for a night out with close friends.


Move It Cube It Jersey Style


Now that you’ve read about New Jersey’s top-rated riverfront restaurants, it’s time to tell you a bit about New Jersey’s top-rated moving company and how we got to be that way.


When Move It and Cube It began fifty years ago, we were doing moving right, but we wanted to do it better. And we knew that to it better, we had to do it differently. We came up with the Cube – a solution that would deliver the most streamlined, effortless, hassle-free experience to our customers.


Not only are our cubes impact and weather resistant shipping container, but they’re also designed to give our customers the peace of mind of knowing their belongings are safe and secure.


We deliver the cubes to your house, for you to pack at your convenience. You can choose our full-service option, in which our professionals will pack as little or as much as you want us to, or you can choose to do it yourself.


Once the cubes are packed, you lock them and hold on to the key. This guarantees that no one but you will have access to your belongings during transport.


If your items need to be moved from one truck to another, we do it at the push of a button. Our cubes work along with our trucks and pulley system to transfer the cubes from one truck to another. Your items will remain intact which will eliminate the risk of them getting lost or becoming damaged. The cubes reach their destination, items unscathed, untouched and unbroken.


Why let moving stress take the pleasure out of a beautiful skyline, a dish piled high, and some good New Jersey conversation? When you’re living in New Jersey, the only thing you should worry about is booking a table. Contact Move It Cube It for a rate quote today and see how our cubes are creating a moving revolution.

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