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Long Distance Moving: Life in Charlotte, NC

So, you’re moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. What does it mean to you? It means you’ve chosen the Queen City, the Q.C., Crown Town. It means you’ve chosen a place where life is laid back – not the pseudo kind of laid back, but the mindful kind of laid back. A place that’s part traditional southern charm, part metropolitan splendor, part nightlife, and part natural beauty. A place where you can drink award-winning craft beer, make a toast to diversity, order a plate of heaping barbecue and root, root, root for the UNC Tar Heels or the Duke University Blue Devils.

Moving to Charlotte, North Carolina

At Move It Cube It, we’ve been moving people to Charlotte, North Carolina for over 50 years now, and we can tell you that once you get there you’ll be in for some pretty darn good company and some pretty darn good weather. While Charlotte experiences all four seasons, it stays relatively mild throughout the year. The summers rarely get hot, the winters rarely get extremely cold, and the people are always ready to strike up a conversation.

And did we mention the barbecue? Let’s just say that if people worshipped food, the barbecue in Charlotte would be the new religion. Here are some tips from Move It Cube It on the best places in Charlotte to visit.

Merchant and Trade Rooftop Bar: Uptown

When you’re looking to add some eclat to your evening, head to the Merchant and Trade Rooftop Bar on the top of the Kimpton Hotel for curated cocktails, house-made mixers and small bites with incredible flavors. Pop in with some friends for shareable libations, or the locally brewed craft beers on tap and take in the panoramic 19th floor view.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens: Belmont, NC

Take time to smell those sweet Charlotte, North Carolina flowers. Visitors will find perfect zen as they wander through the hypnotic gardens, sparkling fountains, and miles of nature trails surrounding the area. And do stop into the “Garden Store” while you’re there for an eclectic mix of artisan jewelry, bath soaps and lotions, home décor and a righteous selection of bottled wine.

Charlotte Cycleboats: Lake Norman

BYOB and climb aboard the best pedal pushin’ party boat in Charlotte. Charlotte Cycleboats takes a day at the lake to a whole new level with custom made eco-friendly catamarans that depend on your (positive) energy to paddle yourself around Lake Norman. Hop on an open cruise to meet new people or book one for a private party.

U.S. National Whitewater Center: Mount Holly

You can’t go white water rafting in many cities in the US, but you can in Charlotte North Carolina. The US National Whitewater Center is located right in the city, providing visitors and locals with opportunities to go whitewater rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, ziplining, mountain biking and more. And if roughing it isn’t for you, you can always take it easy at the Pumphouse Biergarten where guests can sit down and dine watching the paddlers go by on the channel.

Hoppin’: South End

You might think of Hoppin’ as a beer craft buffet. Just grab a wristband and a glass and serve yourself to any of the 62 craft beers, ciders, or wines on tap. No bartender needed. Hoppin’ technology keeps track of the amount you drink. We hope you do too.

Moving to Charlotte with Move It Cube It

Now that we’ve told you a bit about the way they do things in Charlotte, we’d like to tell you about how we do things around here at Move It Cube It. You see, Move It Cube It isn’t like traditional moving companies. Move It Cube it specializes in modular transport. Our cubes are solution-based products designed to streamline the moving process for the most efficient, organized, stress-free experience for our customers.

Our process begins with our weather and impact resistant cubes. We drop these off at your home to be loaded at your convenience. When your items are packed, you lock the cube and hold on to the key. That way you have the peace of mind of knowing you’re the only one with access to your belongings when they’re in transport.

If your move requires your belongings to exchange trucks, we’ve got that down.  Our cubes work with our engineered truck and pulley system to move the cubes from one truck to another. The cubes isolate your items, preventing damage and loss that often comes when items exchange hands throughout the moving process. After that, unpacking becomes a simple one-man process.

Sound simple? At Move It Cube It, it is. Now go ahead and grab a craft beer and start planning your itinerary. Call us for our rate quote today and we’ll make moving to Charlotte effortless, efficient, and affordable.


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