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Long Distance Moving: Life in Florence, SC

Are you thinking about moving to Florence, SC? Located in Florence County, Florence is one of the largest cities in South Carolina. It is the primary city within the Florence metropolitan area. With a population of about 37,840 people, Florence has established itself as a regional center for culture, history, medicine, business, and finance.

What’s more, Florence is a city with a rich history. The town is mainly recognized for being an old railroad depot. Also, there are many museums, art galleries, and areas of attraction to showcase its history. Whether you are moving to Florence, SC for a new job or to be closer to friends and family, you are likely to have lots of positive experience by living in Florence compared to other areas in South Carolina. Continue reading to discover more about the weather, things to do, events, places to visit, schools, and more in Florence, SC.

The Weather in Florence

Florence is located along South Carolina’s coastal plain. The area often experiences hot and humid summers as well as cold to mild winters. During the summer, the weather is very hot and humid. However, spring, winter, and autumn are mild. Throughout the year, the temperature often varies between 36F to 91F. Mid-April to early June as well as early September to late October remains the best period of the year for warm-weather activities.


The Florence SC Housing Market 

As expected, Florence has a vibrant housing market. Nonetheless, securing a property is not hard. The median home price in Florence is around $153,700. Whereas, the median rent for a bedroom apartment is $682. Depending on the section of the city or neighborhood you intend to settle, getting accommodation can be relatively easy. There are homes for every budget, lifestyle, and preference in Florence, SC.


The School System of Florence 

Furthermore, it is essential that families considering moving to Florence, SC, know about the school system in the area. Fortunately, there are several public and private schools in Florence, SC. The governing body of public schools in the area is Florence Public School District One.

Some schools under the district include South Florence High School, Wilson High School, Henry L. Sneed Middle School, Briggs Elementary School, and many more. In addition, residents of Florence have few options for higher education. These include Florence–Darlington Technical College and Francis Marion University.


Things to Do in Florence

If you are moving to Florence, SC, there are endless possibilities when it comes to things to do in the area. From visiting museums and art galleries and learning about the local history, attending special events, visiting area parks, dining at independent restaurants, and so forth, there are lots of can’t miss things to do in Florence.

For those who appreciate art and history, the Florence Museum of Art, Science, and History is a great place to visit. The Florence Museum boasts of a collection of several historical objects and arts from all over the world. From Asian collection to Pueblo pottery collection, African and oceanic collection, and so forth, the Florence Museum takes you across the world. This is a museum that celebrates culture and heritage.

What’s more, if you enjoy the outdoors, the Florence Park and Florence Rail Trail are exciting places for you to visit. Here, you can enjoy various activities like trail walking, fishing, hiking, running, biking, canoeing, and more. Other places to visit include War Between the States Museum, Timrod Park, Mars Bluff Atomic Bomb Impact Crater, Florence Library, and lots more.


Florence Residents’ Favorite Events

Also, Florence, SC, is known to host about six festivals every year. People from all over the world visit Florence to celebrate these events and festival. They include Pecan Festival, International Festival, and Arts Alive.

Other events are the Sankofa Festival, the Greek Festival, and the Spirit of Florence July 4 Celebration of Family. In case you will love to witness the rich culture and heritage of various people across the world, endeavor to be a part of these events and festivals.


Florence is an amazing place to live if you want to move to a good neighborhood in South Carolina. It is a city with lots of history and culture, with very friendly neighbors. Houses are affordable, the area is safe, and the cost of living is significantly low. Whether you are moving to Florence, SC to get a new job or start a new life, be assured that you are moving to one of the best places to live in South Carolina.


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