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Long Distance Moving: Life in Raleigh, NC

Arts and craft beer? No doubt about it, the folks in Raleigh are living the high life. From the fast-food to the slow-cooked barbecue, from the high-tech startups to the low cost of living, and from the fine arts to the fine craft beer, life in Raleigh, North Carolina is sweet as honey- which explains all the buzz lately. If you’re one of the many fixin’ on moving to Raleigh, welcome and congratulations, you’ve made an excellent choice – but there are a few things ‘ya’ll’ might want to know about beforehand – aside from the southern lingo.

What You Should Know About Moving to Raleigh

At Move It Cube It, we love to work with the people of Raleigh, but we have to admit, if you’re not from around there, it might be a bit of a learning curve – especially if you aren’t familiar with Raleigh’s unique brand of southern charm. That’s why we want to give you an idea of how things get done in Raleigh, and we reckon you’re going to fit right in.

Raleigh Has Brains

Don’t let the ‘ya’lls’ fool you. Raleigh is home of geniuses, and not only when it comes to crafting beer.  Raleigh, along with its neighboring cities, Durham and Chapel Hill, known collectively as “The Triangle,” features 12 top-notch universities, including Duke University and the Great University of North Carolina.

Raleigh Has Beauty

When it comes to natural beauty, Raleigh absolutely knocks it out of the park. True to its Oak City roots, Raleigh features over 9,000 miles of beautiful parkland and almost 1,300 acres of pristine water. Whether it’s kayaking that floats your boat, hiking that’s more your pace, or if biking is the way you roll, Raleigh’s nationally acclaimed greenway system spans over 180 miles, connecting many of the city’s parks.

Raleigh Has Beer

Auf weidersehen, German Beer. Thanks to the 366 beer taps (one for every day of the year and one for good luck) in the Raleigh Beer Garden, Raleigh has officially surpassed Munich, German as the home of the largest beer garden in the world. With Breweries like Crank Arm, Big Boss, Lonerider, the Raleigh Brewing Company and more, you might say Raleigh is more than well-supplied to meet the demands of a growing population.

Raleigh Has Barbecue

 If it has kick, tang and hot sauce, its gotta be Raleigh barbecue. If you’re moving to Raleigh, come to The Pit for the piles of pulled pork, Clyde Cooper’s for the hush pups, Ole Time for the apple sticks, Angus for the ribs, and Dickey’s for the free ice cream. (yes, please). Wash it down with an old fashioned sweet tea. If it doesn’t give you a sugar rush, it’s not Carolina tea.

Raleigh Has Business

Raleigh sure knows how to work it. When those geniuses graduate from Duke, they come right over to Research Triangle Park, one of the world’s greatest technological research headquarters. The city is home to over 500 startups and has been rated fourth-best in the country for fostering entrepreneurial growth.

Raleigh Has Move It Cube It

At Move It Cube It, we started out wanting to create something simple for our– a safe secure moving experience for our Raleigh long-distance customers. After 50 of experience, experimentation, and extensive research, we’ve finally done it. We’ve streamlined the long-distance moving process.

Our modular transport system starts with our state of the art, impact, and weather-resistant cubes. We bring them to your home to be packed at your convenience. When you’re finished packing, you lock them up and keep the key. This way, you have the peace of mind of knowing no one but yourself has access to your belongings during transport.

But that’s just the beginning. It’s during transport when our cubes work really their magic. What many people don’t realize is that when moving trucks cross state lines, belongings often have to be transferred between trucks. That’s when the risks of damage and loss are at their greatest.

At Move It Cube It, our cubes and engineered trucks and pulley systems work together to eliminate the risks that occur when items change hands during the moving process. Our cubes isolate your items, so they can’t be mixed with others. The cubes are moved with a push of a button, so your items are only handled once, keeping the risks of damage and loss to a minimum. After that, it’s just a simple job to drop the cubes off at your destination or store them in our climate controlled storage facilities.

Brains, beauty, beer, barbecue, business, and a moving company that has the moving process down to a science? Now that’s something that you can use to real easy. If you’re thinking of moving to Raleigh, Move It Cube It will get you there, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. Call us today and request our quote, and we’ll get your belongings to Raleigh safe, sound, and secure.

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