Long Distance Moving Quotes: Charges to Expect on a Long-Distance Move

Long Distance Moving Quotes: Charges to Expect on a Long-Distance Move

Preparing for a long distance or interstate move can be very complicated. Some long distance movers give you non-binding estimates. Such long distance moving quotes often come with hidden costs. Thus, making budgeting for the move trickier. However, having an idea of the charges to expect in your long distance moving estimate will help you budget accordingly.

In addition, long distance moving quotes should have the charges for each moving related service clearly listed on your moving estimate. This will let you know what services you will be paying for and the ones you do not need. Below are some of the charges you may encounter on a long distance moving quote:

Packing Charges

Packing charges include the cost of packing supplies such as moving boxes, tapes, blanket, stretch wraps, bubble wraps, and so forth. These charges also entail the cost of labor to pack and unpack your items and belongings. Most full-service moving companies provide packing services as part of their premium packages.

Furthermore, if you have large appliances, electronics, and furniture, the packing charges will cover the cost to disassemble and reassemble these items. The moving experts will help set up your beds, arrange furniture and other large items. Including packing charges in your moving package will help save you a lot of stress during your long distance move.

Transportation Charges

Another cost you should expect in your long distance moving quotes is the transportation charges. These involve charges for pickup and delivery. The transportation charges are usually determined by the weight of the items and belongings to be shipped.

Also, the moving company will consider other special conditions or possible obstacles at pickup and delivery location to arrive at an accurate transportation charge. These include stairs, sharp corners or bends, small doorways, narrow streets, and many more. If the distance between your front door and the parking lot is far, you can expect higher charges.

Fuel Surcharges

However, some long distance moving companies also levy fuel surcharges due to the expensive cost of fuel or gas used by these moving trucks. The fuel surcharges vary from one mover to another. It is often charged based on a percentage of the cost of transportation or distance between the pickup and delivery location. Fuel surcharges are not usually negotiable.

Third Party Charges

What’s more, some moving companies often include third-party charges in their long distance moving quote. Examples of these third-party charges that can be included in long distance moving quotes are crating of fine items, appliance servicing, and more. Disassembly and reassembly of outdoor play equipment, exercise equipment, piano, and other specialty items are also covered in the third party charges.

Generally, these kinds of services are not performed by the moving company. The mover hires an outside company that specializes in moving these specialty items to handle the tasks. The third party charges are usually just pass-through charges from the third-party company to your moving company.

Insurance Coverage or Valuation Charges

Long distance moves are often risky. Accidents can happen even to the most careful moving experts. Hence, long distance moving companies are required by federal law to have a minimum of valuation protection.

Professional movers often offer two types of coverage to clients on long distance and out-of-state moves. These include basic coverage and full-value protection. The insurance coverage is often based on the valuation of your items and belongings being transported. This will help provide adequate coverage for any item which can be damaged or lost during the move. Although, the valuation protection will vary between one state and the other.

There you have it! Above are some of the possible charges you can come across on long distance moving quotes. After receiving the moving estimate, go through thoroughly. Ask about other services which may attract additional charges. By doing this, you can avoid surprises at the end of the move.

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