Long Distance Moving

our hubsFinally, a simple and innovative solution to long-distance moving. Move It Cube It is your go-to solution to moving long distances without hassle while saving your time and sanity. A long distance move is no easy undertaking. When you want it done right, you need to rely on experienced, dedicated professionals to take care of the details so you can focus on what is really important. You know, things like your family, job, education, and new home. So why not allow the experts at Move it Cube it handle your long-distance moving needs and take advantage of our convenient and proprietary design to get you moved faster and smarter?

Introducing Our Cubes

MoveitCubeit_DimensionsOur Cubes are the brain-child of decades of moving experience all tied up into one solution-based product that delivers the most streamlined, effortless, organized and stress-free experience for the long distance mover. Not only are our cubes designed to be weather and water resistant, but customers enjoy the peace of mind of locking up their own belongings.  The cubes are loaded onto trucks by our dedicated long distance moving professionals who deliver your items to their destination, whether that be directly to your new home, or to our climate controlled storage facility until your destination becomes available.

When you’ve been in the industry as long as we have, you can’t help but want to be part of the driving force of positive change. The old way of moving is flawed and outdated: With Move it Cube it, the margin for human error is virtually eliminated. For one thing, customers are the only ones with access to the Cubes throughout transit.

Another great benefit to using our Cubes for moving long distance is that whether the Cubes have to be moved from one truck to another to reach their final destination, all your items remain together which eliminates your belongings from ever being mixed or merged with other freight or items on the truck. This cuts down on damage and loss claims that can occur during the moving process in our industry.

Flexibility for Your Needs

Not only does Move it Cube it resolve issues of loss or damage to the long-distance moving process, but we also wanted to innovate a product that could create more affordability and flexibility for any customer who wants professional long distance moving services. Our Cubes are designed for the mover who wants to offset his/her moving costs by doing some of the legwork themselves.On-Site-Storage

With Move it Cube it Services, the customer can elect to pack and/or load the Cubes themselves at their own convenience. Here is how it works.

  1. We’ll drop off the Cubes you need to pack your items and furniture. (Our standard Cube can fit roughly the square footage space of 375 cubic feet. This equates to about 2200 to 2500 lbs. or two rooms.)
  2. At your convenience, you can pack and load cubes and we will pick them up for transport when you are ready.
  3. The same options are yours at your destination.


The Move it Cube it experience was designed to meet the needs of a variety of long-distance moving customers, so they can elect to have as much or little involvement with the moving process based on their situation.

If a situation should arise, where your long distance moving needs change from DIY service to Full Service or vice versa, the Move it Cube it team is there to support you throughout the entire process.

The Future of Transportation is Here

How-it-Works-1Technology and innovation are setting the pace for our 21st century life. It’s time that the long-distance moving industry caught up to the needs of an emerging clientele that wants a streamlined, stress-free experience. With Move it Cube it, our customers enjoy the efficiency, flexibility and money-saving solutions to get their long distance move done right.  In addition to all the benefits mentioned thus far, our tracking system keeps you in the loop about the whereabouts of your Cubes as they make their journey to your destination.

Call us today for a quote and see why the Move it Cube it solution is taking long distance moving into the future. A future where customers can transition into their new lives, careers, families and focus on what really matters while we take care of the rest. When you are ready to Move it, Cube it!

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