Military Moves

Today, the average military family moves 6-9 times during a single child’s school career. That’s a huge amount of back and forth, and it can take a toll on anyone in the family. While there’s no way to limit the number of changes military families have to go through when changing stations and switching towns, it is possible to make the process of moving just a bit easier.

Here at Move it Cube it, we specialize in military moves and will go above and beyond to serve you and your family, if only to thank you for helping ours. The most effective way to move, modular storage containers allow you to meet all your change-of-station needs, without grappling with the traditional hassles of moving.

Benefits of Using Move it Cube it

Typically, moving is a relatively un-evolved process. You put your items on a truck and send them with a group of strangers to a new location. In most cases, you have no way to track your items or make sure they arrive on time.

Instead, you’re just putting your faith in people you don’t know and have probably never met before. With Move it Cube it, though, things are a bit different.

Safe & Secure Transport of Items

Accurate & Efficient Scheduling

Utilization of RFID & GPS to monitor all shipments

Reduction of Risk & Damages


Unlike a traditional moving company, which would pack your items loosely into a large truck, Move it Cube it uses durable and impact-resistant cubes to contain your items. This cube shows up at your current home, you and your family pack it (or you hire our team of full-service movers to do it for you), and then we come and get it. Once we pick the cubes up, we’ll transport it to your new location, unload it, and get it ready for you to unpack.

It’s a simple, streamlined, and straightforward process that removes many of the unknowns of traditional moving and allows you to enjoy peace of mind and confidence as you move to your new station.


Prefer to take a DIY approach to your move? We make that easy with self-service moves. If you choose this option, we’ll work with you to determine what size cubes you need, and drop it off at your home. From there, you can pack the cubes to your liking and give us a call when it’s ready to pick up. We’ll move the cubes to your new location, where you and your family can unpack it, as well. It’s a cost-effective, and highly personalized approach to moving that remains popular with many of our military families.


Designed to allow you to hand off every aspect of your move to a trained professional, our full-service moving offerings are ideal for anyone who wants a stress-free move. When you hire our full-service movers, our team will pack your home, transport your items in the cubes, and unpack them at your new location. We’re also happy to advise you on things like storage services and additional moving offerings that may make your life a bit easier as you execute your move.


Moving bases often happens on short notice, which means you may need a secure place to store some items before you can pick them up again. That’s where our short- and long-term storage options come in.


Secure, safe, weatherproof, and ideal for stashing your valuable household goods, we offer both onsite and offsite storage for you to choose from. What’s more, our storage units come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s always possible to find the right one for you.

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