How Move it Cube it is Reshaping the Industry


When you think of movers & cross-country movers, chances are good that you’re not reinventing the wheel in your head. After all – moving is always pretty much the same, right, so how could the people involved be that different?

If you worked with Move it Cube it, though, you’d know that we’re changing the industry when it comes to movers & cross-country movers. Dedicated to quality, customer service, and simplicity, we’re here to make moving easier for each customer we serve.

Here’s how we’re doing it.


Moving, by the Numbers

Moving has changed a great deal over the years. Here’s a snapshot of how it looks today:

As you can see, people are still moving at very high rates, and it’s essential that they have the hep they need when it comes time to get the job done. Here at Move it Cube it, we’re dedicated to simplifying the moving process and making it as easy as possible for our customers, regardless of when, how, and where they’re choosing to move. With our years of professional experience as movers and logistics experts we are bringing innovation to the forefront of the moving and storage industry.
  • 39.53% of all moves are interstate moves
  • 60.47% of all moves are local
  • Only 8% of people ship their vehicles when moving
  • About 25.10% of moves are from 1 bedroom homes
  • 23.35% of people move out of a two-bedroom home
  • 13.91% of people move in July
  • The most popular moving day is Monday, followed closely by Friday and Saturday

What our Movers & Cross-Country Movers Offer

DIY Moves

Some of our customers want to move themselves, and we’re here to support that. As a moving company, we don’t think we should make everything in the world about our movers & cross-country movers. This means we supply DIY customers with all the moving supplies, assistance, and support they need to complete their own jobs, even if they don’t hire our full-service movers to assist them. We supply DIY movers with pods, supplies, and information to ensure they move safely, securely, and completely, no matter how they choose to do that.

Full Service Moves

Our full-service moves are designed for customers who don’t want to spend much time in the hands-on phase of their move. Popular among students and military families, full-service moves involve our team of full-service movers arriving at a home, packing it into a pod, planning and orchestrating the move, and figuring out how to make it run as smoothly as possible. Our full-service moves offer a wide selection of unique perks, including access to our proprietary technology and impact-resistant cubes.
When you move with us, you’ll be able to fully track your shipment as it moves from place to place. This is a technology not seen virtually anywhere else in the moving world, and it’s just one of the ways we’re giving control back to our customers. We’re also offering a unique service in that we provide moving cubes for each of our shipments. Designed to offer a compact, secure, private shipping space that’s easy to store onsite or load onto a truck, these cubes are unlike anything else in the moving industry.

Security, Privacy, and Durability

When you work with our movers and cross-country movers, you can expect three things: security, privacy, and durability. We’re deeply committed to each of these three values, and have taken it upon ourselves to ensure they stand out in everything we do for each client we serve. With these three values, we’re working to streamline the transportation of household goods and make it that much more accessible for our customers to enjoy a quick and straightforward move.

Security is the vision of all our shipments. Our cubes maintain the security of household goods both by making it impossible for people to peek into them, and by protecting the interior items from weather, rain, snow, and vandalism.

Privacy goes hand-in-hand with security. Our pods maintain the privacy of your shipment, and our discrete moving professionals ensure that your whole move happens as quickly and privately as possible.

Durability comes from the structural integrity of our cubes. Our cubes are durable enough to resist impacts and the elements. Load your household goods into them and the cubes will protect your items for the duration of their trip.

The Case for the Move it Cube it System

Despite the fact that the way people move changes every year, the moving industry has been largely stagnant for decades. Until very recently, your only moving options included a group of anonymous workers loading your items onto a truck and shipping them off. Today, however, things have begun to change. With Move it Cube it, the industry has shifted accordingly.

Thanks to our proprietary system, we’ve made the moving industry more approachable and customer-friendly. Our unique cubes provide an enhanced customer experience, reduced risk factors for your household items, and a platform for guaranteed safe and secure transport. We also offer a skilled team of professional movers, accurate scheduling, and a comprehensive suite of services. We believe that moving should be simple and accessible, and that it’s our job to provide that for our customers.

As such, we go above and beyond to do away with the standard frustrations of moving and ensure that our customers are well cared-for, every single time. Dedicated to overhauling the standard moving industry and making it happier and more approachable for our customers, Move it Cube it is the hottest thing to happen to moving since enclosed trucks, and we’re here to stay.

If you are planning a move or have any questions about Move it Cube itcontact us today and we will be glad to help.

Why Move It Cube It?


Move it Cube it adheres to high standards of quality service to each and everyone of our customers.


All of our moving teams are comprised of trained moving professionals who provide friendly services.


No matter what type of moving service you need whether Full-Service Moving or DIY Moving we have it covered.


Move it Cube it provides a one of a kind moving experience. We make your move a memorable one.

Are you ready to move it cube it?


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