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Sometimes, your biggest moving questions aren’t very big at all. “How do I pack the bathroom?” or “What’s onsite storage?” In these situations, turn to The Cube Corner. Dedicated to providing our clients and non-clients alike with high-quality moving advice they can always trust, the Cube Corner is our unique, industry-specific moving blog.

When you visit the blog, you’ll find a wide selection of tips, hacks, and resources to help you create a smoother and more streamlined move. We update the blog frequently, so be sure to check back frequently for more tips, tricks and moving hacks!

January 2018

Going Green in the New Year

Great Tips For Going Green If you’re considering going green in the New Year, you’re not alone. The early part of the year is a wonderful time to turn your attention to your household’s carbon footprint, waste production, and consumption. This is especially important right now, as global population booms and consumption reaches a fever pitch. [...]

Winter Fashion (Even for Busy Days)

Winter Fashion Guide If you’ve ever moved during the winter, you know that winter fashion can be tough to master, especially when you’re putting all your energy into ensuring all your coffee cups make it to your new place. Luckily, your winter fashion doesn’t have to die in favor of warmth and functionality. Here are a [...]

Moving While Pregnant

Our Guide For Moving While Pregnant Moving while pregnant: it’s possible, but it certainly requires some special attention. In addition to the fact that moving is stressful, pregnancy presents some physical constraints that might require you to alter your moving plan. Luckily, you can work around both things with a bit of creativity and willingness to [...]

Keeping Pets Warm in Winter

How To Keep Your Pets Warm If you live in a cold environment, it’s critical that you learn how to keep your pets warm during the chilly winter months. While some breeds are more robust in the chilly weather than others, all pets require additional, close attention during the winter. Fortunately, there are many ways to [...]

Moving in the New Year

Tips For Your Move If you’re planning on moving in the New Year, the first step is to get as educated as possible. From understanding what to expect to making a detailed plan about how to plan ahead, how you’ll stay organized, and what you’ll need, there are dozens of ways to make your big move [...]

Moving in the Winter: How to Survive

Moving in the winter can be tough. Between icy sidewalks, frigid temperatures, and lower-than-average moving volumes, there are a few hurdles anyone who wants to move during the off-season must face. The good news is this: those obstacles are easy enough to overcome - you just have to know how. Here are some smart tips to make moving [...]

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

New Year, New Home The New Year is here, and there’s no reason your New Year's Resolutions have to stop at the gym or the refrigerator! This year, stay organized, happy, and healthy by making a series of intelligent New Year’s resolutions for your home, and sticking to them. Whether your goal is to pack less clutter [...]

December 2017

Moving the Old Way vs. Moving the New Way

Moving has gone through a series of huge changes in recent years. Once upon a time, moving meant hiring a company with a big truck, or using a friend’s pickup and moving each item piece by piece. It took dozens of trips, and lots of hands-on time. It was exhausting, expensive, and difficult to do. Not to mention [...]

DIY Moving Hacks

You Gotta Move it Cube it Planning a do it yourself move? If so, you’re not alone! Lots of people DIY their moves each year, and yours is likely to be in great company. Be advised, though, that a DIY move is a large undertaking, and that doing it the successful way requires some advance planning and [...]

How Move it Cube it is Reshaping the Industry

WE ARE MOVERS. When you think of movers & cross-country movers, chances are good that you’re not reinventing the wheel in your head. After all - moving is always pretty much the same, right, so how could the people involved be that different? If you worked with Move it Cube it, though, you’d know that we’re [...]