Moving Company Quotes: Understanding the Types of Moving Costs

Moving Company Quotes: Understanding the Types of Moving Costs

Hiring professional moving companies for your relocation can cost a few hundred or thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, knowing the actual cost of your move is essential. This will help you plan and budget accordingly for your move. To avoid any unexpected bill, you can get two or three moving company quotes before hiring a professional mover. With this, you can have an idea of what to expect on the moving day.

However, the primary reason for these moving company quotes is to give you an accurate estimate of your moving cost. The moving cost often depends on factors such as moving distance, moving date, pick-up, and delivery location, and so forth. The mover can give you a general quote online or over the phone. However, an on-site inspection will be needed for a more accurate moving quote.

Types of Moving Estimate

There are three common types of moving estimates. They include:

Binding Moving Estimate

A binding moving estimate is a moving estimate which holds your mover to the quoted moving cost. A binding moving estimate offers you the opportunity to budget accordingly for your move. Whether the moving cost is lower or higher than the estimate, or your belongings weigh less than the estimate, you will pay the estimated cost.


Non-Binding Moving Estimate

These are moving estimates that do not hold the moving company to the estimated cost. The final moving cost may be more or lesser than the moving company quotes. Be wary of dishonest and deceitful moving companies that entice you with a non-binding moving estimate. These shady movers often ratchet the moving cost with additional hidden charges. The additional charges can range from packing supplies to labor, moving insurance, long carry fees, and more.

Binding-Not-To-Exceed Moving Estimate

Of all the types of moving estimates, a binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate is the most consumer-friendly. Although, it is the same as the binding moving estimate. However, you will pay less if the total moving cost is lower than the estimated cost. Also, you don’t pay any overages if the move cost more. The binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate is common for long distance moves.


Moving Fees and Other Additional Costs

Furthermore, some companies often include additional cost for other services in the moving company quotes. These include:


Long Carry Service

Long carry fee often occurs if the distance between your front door and where the moving truck is packed is far. Movers have to carry household items, moving boxes, large appliances, furniture pieces, and other belongings a long way to the moving truck. The maximum distance before the long carry or long haul fees applies, will be specified in the moving estimate.


What’s more, you will be charged an extra fee if movers have to carry belongings and boxes up or down the stairs. Ask the moving company for stair fee estimate, if your old or new home has stairs.

Shuttle Service

This fee is often charged if a large moving truck can’t park close to your new or old house. Hence, the mover will use a smaller van to transfer your items and belongings from the house to the truck or vice versa.

Packing Labor and Supplies

Most moving companies offer packing services along with their premium package. Paying extra for packing is often worth it to help save you all the stress involved in the move. Fees for packing supplies and packing services will be stated in the moving estimate.

Large or Bulky Items

Moving large items like pianos, large safes, and other specialty items often require additional fees. Not every company has the equipment and expertise to move these delicate and specialty items. Those that will move them will charge an extra fee.


After a successful move, you can tip the moving crew that helped out based on the quality of service provided. A standard tip is between $20 and $40 per mover. You can adjust the amount depending on how impressed you are with the job done.


Other additional moving fees include

  • Moving insurance,
  • Disassemble or reassemble furniture,
  • Elevator fees,
  • Move cancellation fee,
  • Storage fee,
  • Express delivery,
  • Hoisting fee, and many more.

On receiving different moving company quotes, take your time to go through the estimates thoroughly. Take to the moving company about all services they will charge extra for. Ask questions about the reason for these charges. Ensure that everything is explicit and well-detailed. This way, you can avoid hidden or unnecessary additional charges.

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