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Moving for College: How to Pack Up Your Room

Remember when packing for school meant putting your books and pencil case in your bookbag and grabbing your lunchbox? Things have sure come a long way from elementary school. Now you’re moving for college and you’ve got a lot more on your plate than a peanut butter sandwich with the crusts removed. You have to think about packing your room, what stays and what goes, and buying things you never even thought about buying before. Your rocket science class was a breeze compared to this.


Never fear, moving for college is not rocket science, and you will survive this task even if you failed nuclear physics miserably. You just need to do a little homework. Luckily, Move It Cube It has done a lot of homework, and that doesn’t only apply to moving families from home to home. We’ve also done a lot of homework about moving for college and about the moving process itself, and we can help you out with getting your stuff to your new dorm in more ways than one. We’ll start with the advice part, but just wait ‘til you hear about the moving part. That’s really rocket science.


Moving For College: Packing the Essentials


Pack only the essentials. To most college students, that means a mini-fridge and a couple of bean bag chairs. What’s more essential is two weeks’ worth of underwear and a laptop. Scale it down first and deck it out later. Most towns have a big box store where you can buy the bells and whistles when you get there.


Clothing Essentials


One of the things that you definitely don’t want to be without upon arrival is clothing, and hopefully not just the pieces that you have on your back when you’re driving up unless you want to start college on a really sour note. However, you do want to keep the load minimal. Take climate, and time of year into consideration and aim yo pack versatile items that you can mix and match.


Be sure to include a pair of pajamas (think more loungewear than lingerie), a sturdy fall jacket, and some formal wear, especially if you’re thinking of rushing a fraternity or sorority. Also, take rainwear, a multipurpose pair of boots, durable sneakers, and some snazzy footwear to pair with your suits, jackets, and cocktail dresses. For tips on packing clothing



Electronic Essentials


Nowadays, being unprepared for class can have a lot to do with whether or not you have access to the Internet. Your laptop will be indispensable to you in college, and since prices run high for electronic gear, and you likely have some files stored that you still need access to, its best to bring these with you. Unless you’re majoring in graphic design or computer science, your computer needs should be minimal, so you should be able to get away with a laptop. A cell phone with a charger, an iPod with headphones, and a camera will also come in handy.


Packing Electronics:


When you work with Move It Cube It, there is virtually no risk of damage to any of your valuables, no matter how delicate they are. However, if you are packing your items yourself, there are some extra precautions you may want to take for your electronic equipment.  Here are some steps to consider when moving your technological gear for college.


  1. The best way to pack your electronics is in the original box they came in. This will guarantee a snug fit. If the original box is not available, start with these essentials:
  • Sturdy Cartons
  • Newspapers to wrap things in
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers for labeling


  1. To keep track of chords, place a small colored sticker on the end of each chord and a sticker of the same color on the input of the device it connects to. This will save you from trying to figure out what goes where when you reassemble your devices.


  1. To minimize damage, wrap all electronics in linen first.


  1. Seal boxes completely with packing tape to keep out the dust.


For more tips on packing and preparing, check out


Move It Cube It


After you get all your clothing and electronics packed, the real rocket science begins. Move It Cube It is a modular container system that makes moving and transporting goods easy and cost-efficient. We deliver our impact and weather resistant cubes to your house. You pack them yourself or can elect our full-service moving package system, in which we do the packing for you. Once your items are packed, you lock them and keep the key. In this way, you can rest assured you are only one with access to your items during packing.


Once we load your belongings onto our trucks, we ensure your items will not be handled during transport. The cubes isolate and compartmentalize your belongings so they cannot be mixed with others, and our innovative cube jack and pulley system moves your items with a touch of a button to cut down on the handling of your goods and the consequent risk of damage and loss. The result is a time saving, cost-efficient move in which you are in complete control of your move at all times.


If you’re moving for college, study up on Move It Cube It. Learn more about us and our innovative system by contacting us online or by phone or apply for a free rate quote so you can budget accordingly.

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