Moving in the New Year

Tips For Your Move

If you’re planning on moving in the New Year, the first step is to get as educated as possible. From understanding what to expect to making a detailed plan about how to plan ahead, how you’ll stay organized, and what you’ll need, there are dozens of ways to make your big move go as smoothly as possible. Here are our top tips for relocating in 2018.

Mastering Moving in the New Year: 6 Smart Tips

Regardless of whether you’re going across the state or across the country, these smart tips will help you move in style (and simplicity):

1. Research Movers Long Before You Have to Hire One

If you’re planning to hire a long distance moving company, do your research as far in advance as possible. Here’s why: there are dozens of moving companies out there, but not all of them are created equal. Different agencies offer different services, for example, and vastly different teams – some of which you’d work well with and some of which you wouldn’t. Moving companies are also priced much differently, depending on where they are and what they’re offering. With these things in mind, it’s essential to research your would-be moving companies before you make the move to hire one. To get started, make a list of moving companies you’ve heard of, the ones your friends have used, or the companies you’ve found online. Narrow it down to a few that seem to suit your needs and give each a call. You might also consider shopping their websites, since many moving companies have information about their pricing, services, and more online.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to get a free moving quote before you decide on a company!

2. Start Packing Early

If you’re moving in the New Year, one of the best tips we can give you is to start packing early. The reason is simple: moving is overwhelming, and rushing to pack your entire home is needlessly stressful. There’s good news, though: when you start packing about a month or six weeks before your big move, things go much more smoothly. Even if you live in a small home or don’t think you have much to move, start packing up the less-trafficked areas of your space weeks before your projected moving date. This includes guest rooms, seasonal items, and your garage, basement, attic, or shed.

3. Write out a Schedule

Moving is a study in time management, and those who get serious about planning their time will enjoy a more straightforward process. With this in mind, be sure to write up a schedule before you start your big move. For example, you might create a schedule for the month before your move. On it, you may pencil in the days when you should start packing, the days you’ll need to confirm with your mover, days to purchase moving materials, days to have your mail forwarded, and so on and so forth. Don’t forget to add the dates of your actual move, your final day at work, or the kids’ last day at their current school!

4. Ask for Help

Moving is a HUGE job if you do it on your own. With this in mind, consider reaching out to your friends and family members and asking them to lend a helping hand. While many people are embarrassed to ask for help or “don’t want to impose” on the people they love, what you’ll typically find is that people are more than happy to jump in and help you move – they just need the green light to do so! As your moving date draws near, send out a request for help packing, moving, transporting, or organizing your items. Offer to thank any willing participants with a pizza or a home-cooked meal!

5. Leave Space for Relaxation

The few months after the holidays can be a crazy time, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, you can combat this tendency by intentionally scheduling space for relaxation. Even in the midst of your move, there should be enough time for you to catch a favorite show with your family, or enjoy a nourishing dinner. While planning ahead will go a long way toward facilitating this, it’s also important to do the following things:

  • Purge before the move
  • Hire professional movers or packers to help
  • Have a plan for moving day
  • Start packing as early as possible

6. Label Everything

Imagine getting to your new home and realizing that you have no idea where any of these boxes are supposed to go because you didn’t label any of them as you packed them up! Save yourself the stress and strife by taking a sharpie to every box you pack. For best results, you’ll want to write not only the room the box should go in, but also what’s inside of it. If you’re feeling extra-organized, you might add an itemized list or something similar to ensure you’re keeping track of your items.

Successful Moving in the New Year

Understanding what to expect is a big deal when it comes time to move in the New Year. Here’s the big secret: it can be stressful, but will be much less stressful if you plan it right. After all, who wants to spend the first few months of the New Year scrambling with an out-of-control move, or wishing they had devoted some time and attention to it ahead of time?

That’s right. Nobody.

By getting organized ahead of time, packing as early as possible, hiring a professional team to help you, purging your household, and leaving a little space in the midst of tall the madness for quiet time with your family, you can pull off a sane and streamlined move that doesn’t cost you your life savings or your hair.

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