Moving into a High-rise Apartment or Condo

Congratulations on moving to a stunning new high-rise. The views with your morning coffee are just the beginning of the upgrades you’ll enjoy in your new lifestyle.highrise  But before you make the move, we’ve got some advice for you.

For over fifty years we have provided hundreds of thousands of customers with professional long distance moving services. Each move comes with its individual set of circumstances, and moving to a high-rise has its unique challenges. Whether you are moving from a single-family home to a high-rise or moving from one high-rise to another, here are some tips to make the move simpler.

Making the Most Out of Location

LocationBefore you can think about getting a quote for long distance moving services, you first need to settle on your high-rise unit. Once you’ve narrowed down a few high-rises within your budget, it’s a good idea to consider your location. You’ll have to evaluate the pros and cons so you can be confident you’ve made a great choice. Here are some things to consider:

  • Is noise going to be a problem?
  • Is there parking for you?
  • What about parking for guests?
  • What retail stores or other businesses are nearby for your convenience?
  • For Parents: What are the nearby schools and do their ratings meet your standards?


Evaluating the Safety of Your High-Rise

We know you are already excited about booking our long distance moving services so you can move into your amazing high-rise apartment already, but safety comes first.  As you are considering your final candidates for your sky high condo you have to do your due diligence with your high-rises safety amenities.

When you are taking a tour of the eligible high-rises, it is important to verify that there are reliable security systems in place. Additionally, there should be fire alarms in all rooms, as well as in any of the common areas and the stairways too.Safety

It’s a good idea to ask about security policies such as the procedures for guests and vendors to enter the premises. It may sound like a pain for your guests to have to show ID, but those rules are enforced to ensure the property of unwanted persons.  All common areas should be well lit regardless of the intensity of the guest vetting process.  Well lit areas naturally deter people who intend to commit crimes from doing so.

Stairways need to have stairs that are well maintained, tested and have a solution in places in cases of rain. For instance, outdoor steps should have slip resistant coating.

As the owner, you can make some additional safety precautions such as child proofing windows and balcony doors, changing the locks yourself, and installing an alarm system.

Familiarize Yourself with the Policies

Is it time to book our long distance moving services yet? You may have found a safe apartment in a great part of town, but have you asked about their policies and rules? If not, that is your next step.

Each building has a set of rules that ensure happy co-existence between neighbors within the property. A great tip for avoiding bad vibes with your floor-mates is to know the policies ahead of time. Take some time to understand their rules about pets, common living spaces such as the mail room, or pool area etc.  For instance, it would be a shame if you lean toward moving to a high-rise because you want to use the hot tub after work, only to find out you can’t use it in the evening.

When you finally do book our long distance moving services, we’ll want to know what the rules are regarding the loading and unloading area. Some properties will require you to reserve the loading area or elevator on moving day.

Pro-tip: Most high-rise buildings have luggage carts for their residents. It’s a good idea to request these to help you condense your trips to your unit.

Maximize Your Living Areas

Living Areas

When you speak to a professional about long distance moving services, the first thing we will do is ask you how much stuff you are moving. If you are down sizing a bit from a single family home or larger square footage, there will be some items you’ll want to leave behind.

In general, you always want to declutter before a move. It is never wise to pay to move items you don’t want. Furthermore, you may not have room for all of your possessions when you move to a new high-rise. Take some time to evaluate the floor plan and ensure that you have room and purpose for every item you want to move.

Pro Tip: Look into clever space saving storage furniture so you can create more breathing room in your new space.

Book Long Distance Moving Services that Specialize in High-Rises

When you book moving services with Move It Cube It you are hiring professionals that not only have decades of experience, but have invented a system to make moving to high-rises easier than ever. Our compact cubes are easy to load and off-load and the best part is, you have the control over how the cube is packed. Call us today for a free quote so you can start living the high life already.

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