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Our Services.

Welcome to Move it Cube it. The leader in modular, long-distance moving services, Move it Cube it is here to help make your move as simple and straightforward as possible. Dedicated to versatile moving packages, professional movers, onsite storage, and other approaches to making your life easier, Move it Cube it is your go-to provider of high-quality relocation services.

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Here at Move it Cube it, we offer a wide selection of services, no matter what your long-distance move looks like, or how far you expect to go, our professional moving service providers are here to help. Here are a few of the packages you can expect when you move with us:


Our full-service moves are designed for people who don’t have the time, skills, or desire to move on their own. Regardless of whether you just don’t want to think about your move, or you’d rather just outsource it to the professionals, our full-service moves are a great option.

With a full-service moving package, you’ll get access to a professional team who will work in and around your home to pack all your items, get them packed into a moving cube, and get them on the road. It’s simple, streamlined, and ideal for families who are short on time or would prefer to use that valuable time getting comfortable in their new home.

Moving Company - Full Service Movers
Self Service Moves - DIY - Moving Yourself


Prefer to take a DIY approach to your move? We’re happy to help you do it! When you rent our simple Move it Cube it cubes, we’ll deliver them to your current address so you can pack them on your own. When you’re finished, we’ll pick the cube up and drop it off at your new location. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t have much to move or who just likes to be in control of the entire process.

Don’t worry, though; we’re here if you need us! Even if you opt for a self-service move, we’re happy to provide packing and long- or short-term storage services.


Downsizing? Need a place to keep your items until your new home is ready? That’s where our long-term storage services come in. Designed to keep your most precious goods safe and secure for years to come, our long-term storage services provide the security and peace of mind you need when you can’t be with all your belongings.

After loading your furniture, family heirlooms, and anything else you don’t want to move right now into our cubes, and we’ll store it in a climate-controlled, totally secure storage facility until you’re ready to have it delivered. It’s a great way to keep your items safe, without having to worry about them while you’re gone.

Moving Services - Long Term Storage
Moving Services - Short Term Storage

Need someplace to store your items for a few weeks or months? Our short-term storage facilities are here to help. Designed to allow you a safe, secure, climate-controlled environment in which to stash your belongings for a short period of time, these storage services are ideal for anyone who has to move out but hasn’t found a new place yet, or just needs some time to figure out what goes where at the new place.

Contact us today to learn more about these storage options – we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.


Keep our cubes directly on your property. With this on-site option, you’ll have continued access to your items for as long as you need. Don’t deal with any stressful hours, locks, or access rules – it’s all right on your property until you have us come pick up.

Moving Company - Student Moves - College Moves

Moving across the country to attend college is a big transition, and our relocation services are designed to help make it easier. Whether you’re crossing a few state lines or the entire country, our modular shipping pods will keep your items safe, secure, and protected from the weather throughout.

We have various sizes available, and getting your move started is as easy as picking one and having it delivered to your home. Once you’ve packed it, we’ll pick it up and transport it to your new location. Say hello to the new semester!


If you’re moving across the state or country lines to serve our country, we want to help you. Offering a variety of military moving services, our team is here to relocate you and your family in the fastest and easiest ways possible.

Our unique modular cubes can accommodate your household items and make it easy to move in one fell swoop. Simply pack your belongings (or hire our team to pack them for you) and we’ll transport the pod to your new location. Each pod we offer is secure, trackable, and private, which means your goods will be kept behind lock and key throughout the journey.

Moving Company - Military Moves

When you need moving services, you can’t afford to settle for anything but the best. Here at Move it Cube it, we offer a series of unique and customizable relocation services designed to cater to your various needs, be they large or small.

To learn more about our offerings, or to talk with one of our professional movers, give our team a call today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and will go above and beyond to ensure your move is as seamless as possible. Don’t go into your big move alone! Hire the team with the moving services you need to get the job done.