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Welcome to Dallas, Texas, where business suits and cowboy hats are the standard work attire and bolo ties are the new necktie. Dallas is the place where Texas independence meets the American dream. Its where businesses boom and a love for the Cowboys is written in the DNA code. If you’re thinking of moving to Dallas you’re not alone. In 2017, Dallas experienced the fastest population growth in the country with 300,000 Americans making tracks for the “Big D.” Dallas had the second highest job growth in the country in the same year.

At Move It Cube It, we’d like to humbly take responsibility for at least some of the population growth in Dallas. With the speed of our moving services, it’s surprising the population isn’t growing even faster. If you’re thinking of moving to Dallas, Texas, we can help you with not just a stress-free move, but we can give you a selection of cities in Dallas County to move to. Here are our top three:


Moving to Irving, Texas

Fortune 500 companies makeup 2/3 of the GDP, with over $13.7 trillion in revenues, $1.1 trillion in profits, $22.6 trillion in market value, and employ 28.7 million people. Seven of them have their global headquarters in Irving, Texas. Starting to get a hankering to relocate? We hear you!  With over 8,500 companies and 140,000 international companies, and a 3.1 unemployment rate, Irving is the urban destination for a high wage job and a nice growth rate on your investment.

However, if your best subject in school is more along the lines of history than economy, there’s plenty of that in Irvine too. The Ruth Paine House Museum is where Lee Harvey Oswald famously stayed on the night before he shot President Lincoln in 1963. But don’t expect to hear ghost stories at the Ruth Paine. Happily, the house has been restored as a lovely museum for solely informational and educational purposes.


Moving to Mesquite, Texas

As compared to Irving, Mesquite is a lot more play than work.  A legislative action declared Mesquite the “Rodeo Capital of the World” and 2016 marked its fourth consecutive year as Playful City USA and its never looked back since. That’s not to say there aren’t work opportunities that don’t involve rustling horses. Mesquite’s new Urban District 30 Program is on track to create 500 jobs, no lassoes required.

However, if your visions moving to Dallas County are full of ten-gallon hats, bandanas, spurs, and blue jeans, the Mesquite rodeo elite can be found at the Mesquite Arena. Not only does the Arena cater to rodeo enthusiasts, but it also hosts wrestling shows, motorcycle shows, and even R and B shows. Did the Temptations play there, or was it just our imagination?

But if you’re temptations run more toward the gastronomical delights, be sure to stop into the Mesquite Barbecue for some BBQ Frito pies, brisket ribs and pulled pork. Locals say the Famous Barbecue Sauce is a condiment to be reckoned with.


Moving to Garland, Texas

It’s been named the third best city for living the American Dream, the eighth best city in America to raise a family, best run city in America, and the city with the 5th highest employment growth as of 2018. That’s before you see the view over Lake Ray Hubbard and have sample some of the most mouthwatering Tex-Mex the Lone Star state has to offer. Moving to Garland, Texas is not a hard decision to make, it’s more about what to do first when you get there.

For theme park enthusiasts, it’s a no brainer. The Hawaiian Falls Garden water park is the first on the to-do list of everyone who believes that floating in a lazy river, relaxing in wave pools and sliding down water slides are among life’s greatest pleasures. Hopefully, you’ll leave just in time to find Babe’s Chicken Assault Vehicle making its attack on the neighborhood. People come from miles to feast on her fried chicken and biscuits. In Garland, Miss Beulah Belle comes with the territory.

And speaking of territory, no Garlander is a true Garlander until they’ve checked out the Spring Creek Lake Forest Preserve Nature Trail. This shady forest trail is a joy to walk or bike and your pooches will love making a splash in the water areas. Be sure to stop at Monterrey’s Taqueria afterward where every night is Taco Tuesday and $10 gets you a pound of barbacoa and a dozen tortillas with all the trimmings.

Move It Cube It

Believe it or not, Dallas is not the only place where people think big.  At Move It Cube It Moving Company, our ideas are growing every day along with our business. Our innovative modular moving services have been helping people Dallas and make their American dreams come true.


How Move It Cube It Works

The concept behind Move It Cube It is simple in its form, but genius in its concept.

  • We bring our impact resistant, weatherproof cubes to your house for you to pack at your convenience. When you’re done, we pick it up.
  • Once your cubes are in transit, you can rest easy knowing that you have the key to the cube and your belongings won’t be handled during transport.
  • During interstate and long distance moves where loading and unloading of trucks are common, our truck and pulley system moves your items from truck to truck keeping your belongings isolated, while our impact resistant cubes keep them safe from damage.


Then it’s off to start moving to Dallas full speed ahead where the Cowboys aren’t just a football team, pulled pork falls off the bone just by looking at it, and everything tastes better with barbecue sauce.  And for more information on our Move It Cube It innovative cube and moving services, click here for our free quote and read our reviews to see if moving to Dallas with Move It Cube It is the right move for you.

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