Moving To Denton County Texas

Moving To Denton County, Texas

The Denton County is one of many remarkable counties in the U.S. state of Texas. The county seat is Denton, Texas. With a 2018 estimated population of 859,064, Denton County is barely among the top ten most populous counties in the state. This does not indicate in any way that moving to Denton County, Texas is a bad idea. With prominent adjacent counties like Dallas and Tarrant, it is understandable that Denton does not enjoy so much popularity. It is a great place to live, however, and we will summarize the most important things you should now if you are considering moving here.

The Atmosphere

Denton County is not one of those busy places where everyone is too busy to care for the person next door. It represents the original Texas that is fast disappearing in such bigger places like Dallas. Living in the Denton County gives you the opportunity to appreciate the old Texan independent spirit. The neighbors are generally friendly though, and you will have so many things to do.

Being a part of what locals call ‘The Golden Triangle’ (comprising of Denton, Dallas, and Fort Worth), residents of Denton has access to all the good things the largest metropolitan area in the South has to offer, and they still enjoy the quietude of their lovely neighborhoods. In case you will love a feel of an environment that depicts the old Texan independent spirit, you can always consider moving to Denton County Texas

The Housing Market

As you would expect, housing is relatively affordable in the Denton County. In the county seat, Denton, the median home price is $154,300, while the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $894. If you are moving to Lewisville or some of the other towns in the county, you can expect to find good homes that are even more affordable.

The School System

The Denton County is a good choice for young families that want quiet neighborhoods to raise their children. There are good educational institutions from preschools to tertiary institutions. There are several school districts that lie entirely within the county including Argyle Independent School District, Aubrey Independent School District, Denton Independent School District, and about five others.

In addition, there are several other school districts that lie partly within Denton County including Celina Independent School District, Era International School District, and several others. A number of private educational institutions also serve the Denton County. For higher education, the University of North Texas, Texas Women University, and North Central Texas College serve the county. For families considering moving to Denton County Texas these are some of the schools you or your kids can attend.

Things to Do

Throughout the Denton County, there are things to do all year round. There are events and festivals that highlight the history, local music, and the western heritage that the region is known for. One of the most famous of these festivals is the North Texas Fair and Rodeo that pays homage to the cowboy culture. Asides from the Rodeo, other attractions include country-rock performances and pageants. Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, the Redbud Festival, and Fiesta on the Square are other festivals you can look forward to.

Asides from seasonal festivities, you can have fun anytime you want in the county. The Denton Square is a downtown area that has everything you need to be happy. There are local shops and restaurants to get whatever you need and enjoy whatever delicacy you desire. You will also find lively bars and live music venues for relaxation. Nightlife may not be as colorful as you will find in major cities but most bars are vibrant all year round.


Transportation in Denton County is relatively efficient. The Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) runs a bus service, covering Denton, Lewisville, and Highland Village. SPAN Transit runs another service that covers other parts of the county besides Denton and Lewisville. There is also a commuter rail service known as A-train that is run by the DCTA and connects Denton and Carrollton.

At Carrollton, passengers can join Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) operated trains. Air travel to and fro the county is facilitated by the Denton Municipal Airport and the Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke. If there is need for international flight, residents can always go the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which is located a few miles south of the county.

Denton County is a great place to live if you want a good neighborhood in Texas that is away from the bustles of Dallas yet close enough to all that Texas has to offer. It is a historic and culturally-conscious county with some very friendly residents. Cost of living is significantly low and houses are affordable. Whether you are moving to Denton, Texas or other parts of the county like Highland Village, be rest assured that you are moving into one of the best places to live in Texas.

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