Moving to Palm Springs

Moving to Palm Springs

Like a pop-up shop in a mall parking lot, it appears. You’re traveling through the Coachella Desert, and suddenly you find yourself surrounded by a city of dazzling luxury. It’s no mirage, you’ve just landed yourself in Palm Springs, California where the celebrities play, and vacationing is a way of life. If 300 days of sunshine sounds like something you could get used to, put moving to Palm Springs on your to-do list.

However, for those who like to maintain some semblance of a schedule, there are other places in the Palm Springs area besides Palm Springs – believe it or not. You can rock n roll all night and party every other day in cities like Indio and Palm Desert which are just next door to Palm Springs.  At Move It Cube It Moving Company, we want to see your Palm Desert dreams become a reality. That’s why we want to show you all of your options for moving to the Palm Springs area. Here are some Palm Springs area choices to fit every lifestyle.

Moving to Palm Springs: Indio

How about a date? Forget Tinder – if you move to Indio, you’ll never find yourself without a date. Once responsible for a large percentage of the nation’s date crop, Indio pays homage to its most beloved fruit biannually at its National Date Festival and Riverside County Fair in February to coincide with the date fruit crop in the Coachella Valley.

But dates are not the only things Indio celebrates in The Coachella Valley. After all, Indio earned its moniker as the “City of Festivals” after the Coachella Valley 3-day Music and Arts Festival arrived there in 2001 and returned every year after that.  That means having acts like AC/DC, Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney, and Jayzee in your own backyard without the plumbing challenges.


And if your dates aren’t hot enough for you, there’s always the Tamale Festival in Old Town Indio held every December. Join in for the tamale eating contest if you dare. With offerings ranging from Jamaican Rum to chocolate cherry, the last man standing may not be so much of a winner.

Moving to Palm Springs: Palm Desert

It may be a desert, but it sure ain’t deserted. Centered in the heart of Coachella, Palm Desert is known as the cultural and retail center of the desert communities. Don’t let the name fool you, there’s a lot more to Palm Desert than hot air, (which, by the way, minus the humidity has a plethora of health benefits). Plus, with the greatness of the Great Outdoors, there’s enough adventure here to fill a bucket list.

In Palm Desert, even shopping is adventurous. Known as the Rodeo Drive of Palm Desert, The El Paseo Shopping District has over 250 delightful discoveries from the high fashion of Lululemon, to the Jewels of Michael K, to the pina colada cake at Tommy Bahamas. Get the recipe here. The white chocolate mousse is to die for!

No Coachella festivals in Palm Desert, but the San Andreas Fault certainly has its share of “desert rock.” At the San Andreas Fault, you’ll find a place where tectonic plates collide and water and wind worked to carve mazes of sandstone caves and steep walls. And to shake things up a little, take it all in from the seat of a jeep. Did someone say road trip?  Click here to find out about the Desert Adventures Red Jeep Tour.

San Bernardino National Forest

Getting bored of palm trees? Move It Cube It feels your pain. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, the San Bernardino National Forest is full of all sorts of vegetation and your choice of trees.

If your pining for Coniferous, ponderosa, sugar pine and knobcone pine, to name a few, the San Bernardino Forest is the destination where they can be found. But there is forest beyond the trees. The San Bernardino is also home of the two tallest waterfalls in Southern California. Add the wilderness preserves, and the pools of Palm Springs will seem tame in comparison.

Moving to Palm Springs with Move It Cube It

At Move It Cube It, we know that if you’re moving to Palm Springs, you’re moving for a stress-free lifestyle. When you choose us as your moving company the stress ends as soon as we walk through your door.

With our impact and weather resistant cube technology, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your items will be delivered in the condition in which they were sent out. And with our reliable, efficient and friendly team, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

If you’re thinking about moving to Palm Springs, the vacation starts as soon as you hire us. Check out our reviews and our website for a free quote and to learn more about our cube technology.

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