Moving to Santa Ana

Is it come for the weather, stay for the Carne Asada, or come for the Carne Asada and stay for the weather? The jury may be out on that one, but thing is for certain, people do come and stay in Santa Ana. With 18 million strong and growing, Santa Ana is the second most populous city in Orange County. At that rate, more people may end up living in Santa Ana than moving to Santa Ana.

But that’s ok. Santa Ana is only one slice of the Orange that makes up Orange County. Cities like Anaheim, Orange, Irving and Yorba Linda also have their ap “peel.” At Move It Cube It we’ve been down the I-5 enough to have seen enough of Orange County to be able to recommend some outliers for you. Here is a view of Orange County from the driver’s seat.

Disneyland-CAMoving to Santa Ana: Living in Anaheim

Disney Land, enough said? Maybe, but there’s actually much more to be said about Anaheim than the Magic Castle and big ears. When local Cinderellas leave the palace, they can be found shopping for shoes that have the perfect fit at Center Street Promenade where every sale has a happy ending. Check out the Sky Zone Trampoline Park for a Skyrobotics fitness class, SkySlam court and Ultimate Dodgeball, if you dare.

Moving to Santa Ana: Living in the City of Orange

If New York is the Big Apple, it’s only fair that there be a city of Orange as well. Not to compare apples to oranges, but the City of Orange does have a lot going on. The Family Fun Town certainly lives up to its name. The miniature golf is the main attraction. And if mom wants to leave the family fun behind for a bit, she can find some down time at the Jade Serenity or Time Out Day Spa. Check out the night life at Daly’s Liquors Bar and Package for some flaming Dr. Peppers and stop by the Nice and Easy Oyster Bar and Grill where the oysters are on the half shell and the karaoke is on full volume.

Moving to Santa Ana: Living in Irvine

Location, location, location. Not only is Irvine county conveniently located in the center of Orange County, it’s a pretty great location in and of itself. Sure, you can drive to Laguna Beach, Long Beach, and Disneyland in a half hour or less, but with destinations like the Irvine Spectrum Center in your own backyard, you might find yourself experiencing a little bit of FOMO when it comes to the sales at Nordstrom. The unrivaled “Center” of the center of Orange County, the Spectrum is home to over 130 shops, entertainment venues and restaurants.  Check out the dazzling LED light show on the Giant Wheel to light up your Irvine lifestyle.


Everyone know the real place where it all goes down in the Santa Ana area is on the beaches. No matter where you live in Santa Ana, a beach is never far away. When the weather gets hot, the beaches of Santa Ana get busy in more ways than one. Get ready to plant your umbrellas, here are some beaches where blanket space is more a precious commodity than a parking space during the Christmas season.


  1. Huntington Beach

Santa Cruz – look out. Santa Ana locals know where the real “Surf City USA” is. There may not have been such a thing as hanging ten if famous Hawaiian swimmer Duke Khanamoku hadn’t gallantly taken up his surfboard and gone forth in 1925. Where we would America be without the cries of “Cowabunga?” Huntington Beach is the heart of the surf as we know and love it today.


  1. Newport BeachNewport Beach

With ten miles of coastline, it’s only takes a short amount of time for any Santa Ana local to find themselves in beautiful Newport Beach. Good thing, too. You ain’t seen a monster wave until you’ve been to the Wedge at 2712 Ocean Front. And if it’s a fire on the beach you seek, the cozy up at the fire rings at Corona del Mar State Beach near the Balboa piers for marshmallows and good fellows. The Upper Newport Bay Beach is the place for recreation. The Back Bay Loop features 10.5 miles of ideal hiking and biking terrain.


  1. Laguna Beach

They say the harder the battle the sweeter the victory.  In Laguna Beach, the near hopeless chances of finding a decent parking space and may be daunting, but it’s a battle well worth fighting.  Spending the day on Laguna Beach is perhaps the sweetest victories one can hope to accomplish. With its natural landscape of rocky bluffs, scenic coves, and white sandy beaches, world class dining, and shopping, you can see why Laguna Beach is sensational and inspirational as well.


And where does a moving company come in to all of this Santa Ana area luxury and natural beauty? At Move It Cube It, we come into it quite a lot. We may not be seen much hanging around the beaches and shopping centers, but, as one of the leading interstate moving companies, we have been doing a lot of the heavy lifting.

Luckily, we have our innovative cubes to help us. You can spot our weather and impact resistant modular units helping folks all across Orange County make moving to Santa Ana is as stress free as possible. Find out more about our streamlined moving process on our website and read our reviews. Soon you’ll find out why so many Santa Ana area residents are asking, “Orange you glad you chose Move It Cube It?”

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