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Moving to Santa Clarita

The City of Santa Clarita, as it is officially called, is the third largest city in the Los Angeles County. It is an attractive place to live for so many reasons. The fact that it is centrally located to everything in Los Angeles is attractive enough. Besides, there are still several other reasons you may want to make this area your new home. Thinking of moving to Santa Clarita? Here are our favorite parts about the Santa Clarita area.


The Atmosphere

If you want to be close to Los Angeles yet enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, moving to Santa Clarita will be your best bet. The city is charming in a unique way and presents lots of fun to residents and visitors. While there are several quiet neighborhoods that are ideal for family life, the city offers residents lots of opportunities to participate in trendy events and activities all year round. Another great thing about the city is its low crime rate. In the midst of all the fun you can have, you will have peace of mind in this area of the Golden State.


The Housing Market

Though fluctuations cannot be ruled out completely, it is safe to say that the Santa Clarita area enjoys a stable housing market at the moment. The median house price in the city is $395,700 while the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $1602. The median income is $83,554.

Furthermore, some of the best neighborhoods to live in the area include Stevenson Ranch, Newhall, and Saugus. If you want the cheapest accommodation in the area, moving to Palmdale will be a good option. Cheap houses are also abundant in Thousand Oaks, which is a city a little away from Santa Clarita. It will be great to figure out which housing option is best for you early as it will help make your life better in the area.


The School System

If you are considering moving to the Santa Clarita Area with your family, you will want to know more about the school system. The truth is that the area has a strong school system. Many of the elementary schools in the area have been recognized as Distinguished Schools in California.

In addition, there are also several top high schools in the area. Also, there are some colleges and universities around, too, including California Institutes of the Arts, The Mater’s College, College of the Canyon’s, and Charter College. If you are considering moving to Santa Clarita, these are some of the institutions you or your kids can attend.


Things to Do In Santa Clarita

Moving to Santa Clarita offers you opportunities to enjoy so much of Los Angeles at the minimal cost. The area is really close to such other interesting places like San Fernando and Simi Valley. It is a perfect place for biking with so many good street lanes and nature trails. Cycling is steadily becoming one of most interesting things about the city as there are clubs you can join and competitions to try.

Santa Clarita is also a hiker’s paradise. From Piru Creek Trail to Weldon Canyon Trail, there are so many places you can go hiking. There are lots of parks to spend your leisure time the natural way. If you have kids, there are also some interesting places to go with them including the Six Flags Magic Mountain located in the neighborhood of Valencia and the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center.

The Santa Clarita area also has a lot of places where you can enjoy wonderful dining experience. Places like Egg Plantation in Newhall and Lima Limon are great places to eat in Santa Clarita. When you are out on a romantic date in Malibu, for instance, a visit to Mastro’s Ocean Club will make your evening perfect. There are several other wonderful restaurants in Malibu and the rest of the Santa Clarita Area. With lots of things to do in the area, moving to Santa Clarita will definitely turn out perfect for you!



If you are partial to nightlife activities, the Santa Clarita Area also has a lot of places for you. From local joints to country saloons, you will have so many places to choose from in the area. Even in Lancaster which is about 51 minutes away from Santa Clarita, you will find Hip Hop Night Clubs and other wonderful places to enjoy an evening. If you want a quite romantic evening, there are several restaurants and bars in the cool neighborhoods to enjoy your time with your partner. It is definitely worth moving to Santa Clarita just to experience the nightlife.



If you have your own car, you won’t have any problem moving in the Santa Clarity area. Even if you are not going to be driving yourself, the public transportation system is very reliable. You have different options from the Commuter Express to the Dial-A-Ride services. Three metrolink stations in the city means you can easily get to where you are going. Uber and Lyft are also available to make your life easier.

Moving to Santa Clarita area is not a bad idea at all. Whether you choose to stay in the City of Santa Clarita or in nearby places like Simi Valley and Malibu, life in the area can be great if you choose to make it so.

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