Moving to the San Bernardino Area

Moving to the San Bernardino Area

Do you want to keep your connection with nature without losing your internet connection permanently? You can if you’re moving to San Bernardino. Let’s face it, we all want to get off the grid once in a while, but most of us would like to get back to civilization to check our inboxes at some point. If you’re moving to San Bernardino, you can shake off your Wi-Fi connection in the National Forest and get back to cell phone reception in time to post your selfies on Instagram. Plus, with all the great surrounding areas in San Bernardino full of fine dining, leisure, and activities, you won’t even need your GPS to find fun.

At Move It Cube It, we feel a special affinity for San Bernardino. That’s because, like San Bernardino, we too strike a balance between the old and the new. We combine high moving industry standards with innovative modular cube technology to bring the best of both worlds to our customers. If you’re thinking of moving to the San Bernardino area, here are some of the best of the best of both worlds cities that you might want to consider.

Rancho_cucamongaMoving to San Bernardino: Rancho Cucamonga

If your idea of the great outdoors is an outdoor shopping mall, Victoria Gardens is the place to be. When you visit Victoria Gardens, It’s all about blowout sales at H and M and the Gap and blowouts at the Drybar. You can catch a movie at AMC theatres but it’s always the Cheesecake Factory that seems to gets the best reviews- Oreo or strawberry?

But if your ideas of the great outdoors are more traditional, consider hiking the Pacific Empire Trail. It’s the 21 miles of scenic countryside that stretches from Claremont to Rialto. Hike, bike, or saddle up- just don’t take your motor vehicle. You might scare away all that beautiful  flora and fauna.

Moving to San Bernardino: Riverside

In Riverside, its all about the inns and outs. As for the Inns, it’s the Mission Inn Museum Hotel and Spa.  Part hotel, part art exhibit and an important part of Riverside History, the Mission is the former home of marketing genius/ art collector Frank Miller who (way back in 1876) played a pretty big role in making Riverside what it is today. Plus, the Mission is an Inn inside of the hotel, which is almost as mind-blowing as the museum itself. Whether it’s for a stay or just for a walking tour, the Mission a spot worth checking in to.

As for the outs, you can’t find more of a perfect outdoor hike trail than at Mt. Rubidoux Park. Whether it’s for the workout, the history, the view, the good vibes or just the dog park, Riverside locals have made Mt. Roubidoux the most popular trail in Riverside by far Located right on the Santa Ana, just off route 60, its signature cross and flag are a beacon to anyone moving to San Bernardino.

Moving to San Bernardino: Redlands

Easily the best-looking member of the San Bernadino family, Redlands is known for its spectacular mountains and Victorian and Edwardian architecture. In fact, it’s been called the City of Millionaires on more than one occasion due to its beauty, and the Kardashians don’t even live there.

Despite the inner beauty of the Redlands, the biggest attraction it has to offer it actually a 20-minute drive from the city itself. But then again, the San Bernardino National Forest is a tough act to follow. Climb to the Heart Rock for a breathtaking view or dare to waterfall dive from the Aztec Falls.  And if the forest isn’t enough of a Fairy tale setting, consider the Kimberly Crest House and Gardens, a Victorian chateau that gives the Magic Castle a run for the money. Surrounded by Italian Renaissance Gardens, the Kimberly Crest is the place to channel your inner Mad Hatter.

Moving to San Bernadino: Corona

By Stagecoach or by Zipline? That’s the question to be asked when you’re moving to Corona.  If the more traditional Stagecoach is more your speed, spend your day at beautiful Stagecoach Park picnicking, exercising and taking in fresh air and sunshine.  The park, named for the stagecoach trail that ran through it in the early 1800s, preserves its playground equipment just as well as it retains its remnants of Rancho Las Encinitas. Check out both for fun and amazement.

For those who think the Stagecoach is a little slow, there’s always the Skull Canyon Zipline Course, with not one but two incredible courses to explore. The “Original” is a 2,500 foot six zipline course, complete with safari, truck ride, and hike. The “Extreme” is a 4,500 foot three zipline course with no escape route. Not for the faint of heart.

However, no matter what your speed preference is, Move It Cube It will get you moving to San Bernardino in no time flat. We send our weather resistant, impact resistant cubes to your house for you to pack at your convenience pick them up and deliver them to your destination at the speed of light. Plus, if you choose our full-service packing, we’ll even do the packing for you. Get a free quote and read our reviews and let us help make moving to San Bernardino a reality.

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