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Moving To the Santa Barbara Area

The Santa Barbara area is another wonderful place for individuals that want a quiet lifestyle in the midst of the bubbles of California. Perfectly nestled between Los Angeles and San Francisco, The American Rivera, as the major city is called, is one of the best kept secrets in America. If you are considering moving to Santa Barbara or any of the places around like Ventura, there are some important information you should know as you plan. Here, we will dwell on those information that will help you understand the area better and plan better for your impending move.

The Atmosphere

One of the loveliest things about the Santa Barbara area is the climate. It is one of the few cities in the United States that you can enjoy great weather all year round. Considered part of California south coast, you will feel as if you live in a small town in any part of the area.

Though, Santa Barbara is a big city that is densely populated and surrounded by other big and important areas, the pace of life here is slow in a unique manner. It ranks high in civic participation, gracious living, and cultural attraction. There are peaceful neighborhoods in the city and other places around, and the entire Santa Barbara area is a great place for family life too. For families who love to enjoy great weather all year round, moving to Santa Barbara can help you achieve this.

The Housing Market

The housing market in Santa Barbara area is relatively stable. The issue, however, is that it is expensive to live in the city. The median home price in Santa Barbara is $846,400, while the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $1513. The median salary in the area is $66,000, and considering your level of income and other socio-economic factors, you should determine the housing option that is most ideal for you.

The School System

If you plan to raise a family in the Santa Barbara area, you will definitely be concerned about the education system. There is actually nothing to be worried about here. In the Santa Barbara County, there are 20 independent school districts, with the Santa Barbara Education Office serving as an intermediate agency between those districts.

The Ventura unified school district, for instance, is known for its quality schools just as Oxnard school facilities are highly rated. The high schools you will find in the city of Santa Barbara are all well-equipped, teaching Spanish language and culture too. The University of California and the Santa Barbara City College are two amazing higher institutions in the area. If you are considering moving to Santa Barbara, these are some of the institutions you or your kids can attend.

Things to Do In the San Barbara Area

When it comes interesting things to do, there is no shortage of activities in all parts of the Santa Barbara area. Though the pace of life is slower than want you will encounter in the big cities, there are so many events you wouldn’t want to miss. The residents of the area are known for their healthy lifestyle so you can easily find a group to join if you fancy running, cycling or hiking. There are also some local sights to visit including the Zoo, Maritime Museum, Museum of National History, Old Mission, Museum of Art, and many more.

Asides from getting close and personal with nature, there are other activities in and around Santa Barbara that may interest you. The International film festival, International Orchid show, and Summer Solstice celebration are just few to keep in mind. A visit to the Santa Barbara Harbor promises unforgettable life experiences.

Even if you are considering moving to Camarillo, you can still enjoy your life there as it is within easy reach of Santa Barbara and L.A. There are nice restaurants everywhere, and you can even take a wine tour as the area is home to several wineries. With lots of things to do in the area, moving to Santa Barbara will definitely turn out perfect for you and your loved ones!


Nightlife in the Santa Barbara area can be as exciting as you want it to be. You can enjoy all night dancing even in the Harbor. The Historic Arlington Theater is the place to be for performances by music acts and comedians. Asides from events and screenings associated with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the theater regularly shows films too. The fabulous Chumash Casino resort is another place to be for a good nightlife experience in Santa Barbara. You can try all popular slot machines and table games here all night long. The vibrant nightlife makes moving to Santa Barbara really worth it!


Owning a car will make living and moving around in the Santa Barbara area easier. If you don’t own one, there are alternative ways to get round. The city itself is compact with so many road bike paths to encourage bicycling. A number of bus routes around the city is also managed by the Metropolitan Transit District. It also runs electric shuttles down State Street to the Waterfront, the Santa Barbara Zoo, and the Santa Barbara Harbor. Though some residents fly in and out from the Santa Barbara Airport, others prefer to use the Los Angeles International Airport, and the Santa Barbara Airbus makes several trips to and fro the L.A. Airport daily.

Moving to Santa Barbara area is a good idea if you have a job in the area. Even if you are just starting life anew, the area has cool neighborhoods where you can embrace a slower pace of life while staying close to all the actions in California.

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