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Long Distance Moving: Life in Virginia Beach, VA

Are you moving to Virginia Beach, VA? Relocating to an area you know close to nothing about can be very challenging. Though you can learn a lot within the first few weeks of being in a city/town, there are some information you need to seek before any long distance moving. Some of these information can’t even be gotten by asking people around or observing your environment. Again, you need to get as much information as possible even before you settle in your new home.

What’s more, for anyone that is thinking about moving to Virginia Beach, VA, it is essential to have handful information about some basic things. This includes the weather situation, economy, housing market, school system, recreational activities, and more. In this post, we will briefly discuss about life in Virginia Beach, VA. With this, you will know what to expect and get ready to adopt to your new home.


Virginia Beach at a Glance

Virginia Beach is an independent coastal city in the southeastern part of the commonwealth of Virginia in the United States. It lies where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. According to a 2018 estimated population of 450,138 residents, it is the most populous city in Virginia and the 44th most populous in the nation.


Weather in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, VA has a mild coastal climate like other cities in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. It experiences all the four seasons. However, May, October, and September remain the most pleasant months. July and January are considered the least comfortable months. Nonetheless, they are hardly too extreme to be feared. During the summer, sea breezes help to keep the city cool. There could be flooding in low-lying areas during the hurricane season that runs from June through November.


The Economic Atmosphere

Looking at the economy of the entire metro area, Virginia Beach, VA is a good place to be. The economy is stronger than average, offering excellent opportunity for individuals hoping to start a new career. The job market offers some niche opportunities in both the civilian and government sectors. Military presence is super obvious in the area. In fact, it has the largest concentration of military personnel outside the pentagon.

The overall cost of living is in line with the national average. Average annual salary in the area is $47,410 but there are some industries that offer more.


Virginia Beach’s Housing Market

The housing market in Virginia Beach is quite competitive with many homes selling around 37 days of listing. The median home value in the area is $267,000 and the average sale price per square foot is around $156. There are about 84 neighborhoods in the city. North Virginia Beach is considered the most expensive with a median listing price of $849,000 while Green run is the most affordable with a median listing price of $182,800. The median monthly rent is $1,296.


Who Lives in Virginia Beach

Anyone can feel at home in Virginia Beach, VA but the area has a rather young population. With a median age of 35.7, the area has the highest percentages of millennials of any metro area in the US. The area is attractive to retirees too. In case you are looking for a place to start a family of your own, you can consider moving to Virginia Beach, VA.


The School System

If you hope to raise a family in Virginia Beach, you will want to know about the school system and opportunities for your little ones. Well, there are 23 elementary schools, 23 middle schools, 20 high schools, and 36 private and charter schools in the area. The city is home to two Universities: the Atlantic University and Regent University. University of Virginia and Virginia Tech operate satellite campuses in the city and there are nearby Universities too.


Things to Do In Virginia Beach

With lots of attractions and recreational activities for residents and tourists, Virginia Beach is definitely a cool place to be. There are three clean family-friendly beaches in the 38-mile coastline. You can enjoy a handful of outdoor activities like horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, waterskiing, and more anytime of the year.

There are some notable cultural attractions in the Virginia Beach area. The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Arts and the Virginia Aquarium are some of the cool places to visit with your loved ones for entertainment and education. For shopping, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk as the Shops at Hilltop, Town Center and Lynnhaven Mall have almost anything you will need.

If you are a sports lover, there are interesting events to look forward to in Virginia Beach. The East Coast Surfing Championship and the North American Sand Soccer Championships are always great. There are three skate parks if you are a skateboarder or BMX bike rider. There are also dozens of hiking, cycling, and jogging trails residents can enjoy for free.


There you have! Above are some interesting things to be excited about if you are moving to Virginia Beach, VA. Virginia Beach is an amazing place to live in. The city is great, the weather is cool and amazing. Whether you are looking to start your life, raise your family, or retire, Virginia Beach is absolutely a great place to move to.


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