Moving While Pregnant

Our Guide For Moving While Pregnant

Moving while pregnant: it’s possible, but it certainly requires some special attention. In addition to the fact that moving is stressful, pregnancy presents some physical constraints that might require you to alter your moving plan. Luckily, you can work around both things with a bit of creativity and willingness to find alternative solutions. Here’s your complete guide:

Tips for Moving While Pregnant

Adding a baby to the mix is a big change, and it’s bound to create some friction while you move. Fortunately, these smart tips can help make the process a bit more manageable.

1. Stay Stress-Free

Stress is a risk factor during pregnancy, and it’s smart to avoid as much as possible of it as you move. With this in mind, cut stress by planning ahead on everything you can. This might include travel reservations, equipment pick-up, and drop-off, packing, and even having your mail forwarded. The more you can break these tasks into manageable chunks, the less likely they are to build up and become overwhelming as your move gets underway. If you need help planning ahead, make a list of everything you need to sort out and then delegate individual tasks to your partner, friends and family members. This helps distribute the burden and keep the process under control.


2. Hire a Moving Service

If there was ever a time when investing in professional movers was a wise idea, it’s during pregnancy. Because moving is a big job, and because being pregnant (especially if you’re more than just a few months along) makes it difficult or impossible to do much lifting, it’s smart to offset the burden of moving by hiring a service to help you. Today, there are dozens of long-distance moving services that specialize in helping you sort out the details of moving while pregnant. They’ll work with you to figure out what you need (packing, storage, etc.) and what you don’t. When it comes time for the actual move, you can be as involved or uninvolved as you want.

3. Start Early

While it’s always wise to start early with a move, this is especially true during pregnancy. When you can knock out the majority of your moving duties early on, it frees up time to relax and double-check your lists down the road. This, in turn, reduces stress and helps you avoid silly moving mistakes that can cost you time and money. Ideally, you should begin planning and packing for your move at least one month before your actual move-out date, although six weeks is an even better timeline.

4. Don’t do the Heavy Lifting

Although you should always talk to your care provider before you undertake any moving duties, heavy lifting is almost always off the table. Far too often, women overdo themselves during the moving process and wind up sore and wiped out because of it. There can also be serious dangers to your baby associated with lifting. With this in mind, avoid doing anything that hurts your back or feels too heavy to lift easily. In these cases, enlist help or hire a professional moving company to do the packing and transport for you.

5. Take Breaks

Taking breaks during moving will help you keep your activity at safe levels and avoid exhaustion. Be especially sure to take breaks to eat and drink plenty of water. You’ll also want to be sure you’re resting enough as the moving process unfolds. If you find yourself getting tired, hungry, or sore, stop and ask for help!

6. Create a Backup Plan

It’s always smart to create a backup plan if you’re moving while pregnant. This is especially true if you’re moving closer to your due date, or if there’s any possibility that the baby could come early. As you create your backup plan, decide on things like who will step in and take over the moving duties, and what you’ll do if you wind up with a new arrival sooner than you had expected. Be sure to put it in writing and pass a copy out to every relevant friend or family member.

7. Get Your Important Documents in Order

Don’t let things that you’ll need during pregnancy, such as insurance paperwork and health histories, get buried in the moving fray. Instead, designate a folder and use it to keep all these essential items on hand. This ensures you have them the next time you attend a doctor’s appointment or a similar event.

8. Find a new Care Provider

One of the first things you’ll want to do as you move is find a new care provider. Regardless of whether you’re working with a doctor or an independent midwife, be sure to ask around and set up meetings with these car providers in advance. This allows you to make a seamless transition from your old care provider to your new one.


9. Consider Waiting

If you can, consider waiting to conduct your big move until the baby makes its appearance. While moving with a baby has its own challenges, it may be easier and more doable than attempting to move while pregnant, especially if you have other young children who are in school. Of course, this is a personal decision, so be sure to discuss it with your friends and family before you make any moves.

Moving While Pregnant: The Complete Survival Guide

Moving while pregnant has its challenges, but it’s smart to be sure you’ve evaluated all of them and come up with solutions before you start the process. Not only does this cut down on stress, but it also allows you to proceed into your move with a clear idea of what you’ll do in the event of an emergency, who is handling the heavy lifting, and what you can expect when you arrive in your new home.

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