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Out of State Moving Companies That Do Things Differently

You’re moving out of state and you’ve done everything by the book. You drew up a timeline, created a budget, read the reviews and shopped around to find the best and most affordable licensed out-of-state moving company to suit your needs. Now the truck has been packed and your ready to wave the last of the movers good-bye, sure that your belongings are in good hands. Right?

As friendly and informative as your movers may have seemed, there may be something they haven’t told you. They may not have told you you’re your items are not going straight to their final destination on their truck. They may not have told you that during an interstate move, there are federal and state laws that require the changing of trucks.

That means your belongings are going to be handled more than once before they get to where they’re going. The more your items are handled, the larger the risk of damage and loss. Are you still so sure your belongings are in good hands?

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Out of State Moving Companies that Solve Problems

At Move It Cube It, we’ve done a lot of interstate moving in our over 50 years of experience, and we know how much damage can happen during the exchange of belongings between trucks. Even the best out- of -state moving companies can’t guarantee that your items will remain intact during that crucial period. That’s why we created a solution that will. Our solution is the Cube, an innovative product that saves time and takes the stress out of the moving process.

How the Cube Works

When you hire us, your moving experience begins with our impact and weather resistance cubes, which we deliver to your home as part of our services. You can choose to pack them yourself or elect our full-service moving experience in which our reliable professionals will pack them for you. Once you’ve packed your belongings into our cubes, you lock them and hold on to the key. This way you have the peace of mind of knowing your items won’t be handled while the truck is on its way to your destination.

When we reach a situation that requires the loading and offloading of trucks, our cubes work together with our expertly engineered trucks to eliminate the risk of human error associated with traditional out of state moving companies. The cubes isolate your items so they can’t be mixed with others while protecting your belongings from damage. The result is an easier, more streamlined experience that saves time and labor, ultimately reducing the costs to the customer.

If you choose to unload and unpack your items yourself, it becomes a simple job to drop your belongings off at your destination or one of our clean and spacious short-term and long-term storage facilities. Our execution process makes it easy for out of state moving customers who want to work at their own convenience.

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Move It Cube It Traditional Values – Nontraditional Solutions


However, in our 50-years of experience, we learned about more than creating solution-based products, we also learned about dependability, customer service, and keeping the stress of the moving process to a minimum.  Committed to offering our customers the highest quality services available our team of professionals will be there to walk you through every part of the moving experience from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for help with packing, or simply transportation, our reliable movers have the expertise and know-how to get it done right.


If you’re planning an out-of-state move, Move It Cube It is the only out-of-state moving company that takes the extra step to ensure your belongings are transported safely, securely, and efficiently. Contact us today or request our rate quote and find out how you can take your moving experience to the next level.


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