Out of State Moving

If you are looking for out of state movers, we’ll be the first to tell you there are many options. Perhaps too many options. Chances are, whatever reason you have to be packing up your household and moving it across state lines or across the country is a huge endeavor. You may have an exciting job opportunity, new family, or will be beginning your studies at a great institution. That means you are not in the market for just ANY out of state moving company, you need an elite team that can swoop in with stealth, stamina, speed and a secret weapon: Cubes.five locations

The Ideal Out of State Mover

Of course when you are searching for an out of state mover, you’ll require a high standard for professionalism. Additionally, it’s important to find a long distance moving company that has many years of reliable service and expertise. Yet, it still can be difficult to determine which of the top contending out of state moving companies is best for you.

With Move it Cube it, your out of state move is not only executed by a team of seasoned professionals with decades of industry experience, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of our innovative, proprietary technology and state-of-the-art moving system.

Challenge Accepted…

From our perspective, we’ve seen the unique challenges in moving out of state as opposed to a less-complicated local move. It’s been our mission to take those challenges into consideration so that we could provide a better moving experience that could not only be more efficient, but cost-effective as well. Like we mentioned earlier, our customers are often in the middle of a major life transition with a long-distance move. We know that we are hired to help our clients to navigate successfully through the out of state moving process.  That often means educating them about the process, keeping them informed and providing tools and resources that streamline all aspects of their out of state moving experience.

Through our extensive research, decades of experience, and diligent data gathering, we have designed a cutting-edge process complete with our own proprietary technology to take the out of state moving experience into the future. Our design solves several issues that customers face regarding safe and secure transport, risk of damages, accuracy in scheduling, flexibility with budget and more.

Our Innovative Process

Here is how our process works. Our impact and weather-resistant cubes will be dropped to your home to load up items at your convenience. Depending on your budget and time constraints, you may elect to have a full service moving experience, where our professionals pack and load your items, or you can elect to take care of these tasks as a DIY customer.

Once the cube is packed, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you lock up the cubes yourself before they are loaded onto the truck for transit. (From here you are the only one who can access the cube when you are reunited at your destination.)

Your personal out of state moving coordinator will provide updates throughout your move, while you can also check in on your cubes with our tracking system. We scan all cubes as they enter and exit our storage warehouses using RFID tags to keep a keen eye on all shipments.

Problems Solved

Many first time out of state moving customers are not aware that long distances often translate into their items being handled multiple times before reaching their final destination.  Our Cubes, our expertly engineered trucks and pulley system all work together to eliminate the risks that occur when your items exchange hands throughout the moving process.

The Cubes themselves isolate and compartmentalize your items so they cannot be mixed with others. Additionally, our Cubes are moved with a touch of a button using our innovative cube jack and pulley system. In contrast, the traditional method requires several team members moving all your items individually as they reach new destinations along the out of state moving journey. The more times your items are handled, the more likely there is to be a case of damage or loss. Furthermore, the time saved on labor is a major factor in keeping overall costs down for the end customer.  The result is an easier, more streamlined and affordable moving experience for our customers.

If you elect to offload and unpack your own items, it becomes a simple one-man job to drop off the Cubes at your destination, or store them in our climate controlled facility until you are ready. The ease of Move it Cube it’s execution process makes this a no-brainer for out of state moving customers who still want to handle the bulk of the work or want to unpack at their own convenience.

Out of State Moving Simplified

As industry leaders in moving and storage, we are proud to provide an innovative solution to the out of state moving process. We believe that professional moving services should be more accessible, stress free and efficient for all types of customers. Whether you are a student moving one room to a dorm on the other coast, a growing family taking on exciting career opportunities, or a military family who wants to enjoy an effortlessly simple moving experience when you have to change stations, Move it Cube it is the go-to solution for your moving needs. Call us today for a quote or to learn more.

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