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Professional Moving and Storage for an Effortless Move

American writer Orson Swett Marsden famously said “The great thing in life is efficiency. If you amount to anything in the world, your time is valuable, your energy is precious. You cannot afford to easily throw them away or trifle with them.” At Move It Cube It, we take these words to heart. Not only do we believe in the greatness of efficiency, but we also operate our business around it. When we started our professional moving and storage company, we set our minds to making all our customer’s moves as efficient as they could possibly be, and we came up with a groundbreaking solution.

Efficient Professional Moving and Storage

In our over fifty years of experience Move It and Cube It has learned a lot about the moving and storage business. One of the things we’ve learned is that the traditional moving process does not have the efficiency to serve our customers to the quality standards they deserve. At Move It Cube It, we came up with an idea that grew into an innovation. The result is a solution-based product that delivers the most streamlined, stress-free, and efficient moving experience possible.

Introducing the Cube

Our one-of-a-kind cubes are on the cutting edge of the professional moving and storage industry. The process begins with our impact and weather resistant cubes. We drop these off at your home to be packed at your convenience. You can choose to do the packing yourself or elect to have a full-service moving experience in which our reliable packers will do the work for you.

When the cube is packed, you lock it and you keep the key. That means you’re the only one with access to your belongings when they’re in transport. As a result, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your items will stay intact throughout the whole moving process.

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Not only does Move It and Cube It reduce the stress of the moving process, but we also increase efficiency. One of the ways we do that is with our expertly engineered truck and pulley system. When an interstate move requires the offloading and on-loading of trucks, our cubes work with our truck and pulley system to move your items from one truck to another, eliminating the risk of human error, saving time on labor, and keeping costs down ultimately for the customer.

Another way Move It Cube It increases efficiency is by old fashioned know-how and experience. Our expert movers are well trained to pack your belongings as quickly and carefully as possible. With our full-service moving option, you can depend on reliable movers by your side from start to finish to make your move a smooth and cost-effective one.


Besides our cubes and dedicated movers, Move It Cube It also provides storage, both long-term, and short-term. We increase the efficiency of your move by saving you the time and energy of looking for a separate storage company. If your move requires storage, our movers will deliver your belongings directly to our clean, climate-controlled, fully monitored storage facility at your request.

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Move It Cube It at Your Service


To revisit the words of Orson Swett Marsden, “your time is valuable, your energy is precious.” At Move It Cube It, we know that. Our revolutionary cube system is designed to save our customers both valuable time and precious energy, resulting in an efficient, stress-free effortless move. To find out more about our professional moving and storage services, contact us today or apply for a rate quote. We’ll bring your move up to date and up to speed.

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