Moving in the Winter: How to Survive

Moving in the winter can be tough. Between icy sidewalks, frigid temperatures, and lower-than-average moving volumes, there are a few hurdles anyone who wants to move during the off-season must face. The good news is this: those obstacles are easy enough to overcome – you just have to know how. Here are some smart tips to make moving in the winter easier than ever before, and to ensure you get your big transition finished as quickly and easily as possible.

Moving in the Winter? 7 Tips to Streamline the Process

Regardless of whether you’re moving across the state or the country, these seven tips can help you enjoy a faster, easier, and more straightforward process:

Tip 1. Keep Your Driveways and Sidewalks Safe

When you move, you end up walking in and out of the house regularly. This means that your driveway and sidewalks need to be clear and ice-free. Keep them this way by salting the surfaces frequently, shoveling as soon as the snow falls, and creating walkways where they’re needed. If you have a hard time keeping up with these requirements on your own, hire a maintenance company or a neighborhood kid to manage snow and ice for you, and keep your home’s exterior spaces safe and secure.

Tip 2. De-Ice and Maintain Your Car

You’ll need a sturdy car to run moving-related errands during your big transition, so be sure you’re giving your vehicle the love it needs to run well during the coldest months of the year. Before you get in the car to go anywhere, start it and let the engine run for a few minutes. This warms up moving parts and gets your engine’s fluids flowing. You’ll also want to be sure to de-ice your car completely before you go anywhere. Not only does removing snow and ice from all windshields and windows improve your visibility, but it also prevents troublesome buildup that takes forever to remove. Beyond that, you’ll also want to take your car to a mechanic routinely to ensure the fluids are full, the tires are suited for snowy roads, and that no minor repairs are preparing to become major issues.

Tip 3. Get Your Winter Tools in Line

To survive moving in the winter, you need the tools of the trade. This means investing in a good snow shovel, stocking up on sidewalk salt, and purchasing a roof rake if you live in an area where ice damming is common. Not only does having these tools on-hand allow you to maintain your home without constantly running to the store, but it ensures you’re able to keep your walks clean as you move from your old home into your new one.

Tip 4. Practice Good Housekeeping

Tromping in and out of the house during the winter months means tracking ice, snow, and sidewalk salt inside. To prevent these things from damaging your floors, lay down a tarp or large drop cloth running from the door to your primary rooms. This allows your movers, friends, and helpers to keep their shoes on without damaging your floors in the process. If you live in a very snowy environment, be sure to shake the cloth or tarp out on a regular basis. This prevents melting snow from forming puddles which then run across your floor.

Tip 5. Insulate Your New Home

As soon as you get to your new home, check how well-insulated it is. In some areas, your local power company will conduct an energy audit for free. In others, you’ll just have to check out the windows, doors, and seams of the home manually. If you find weak points, invest in a window plastic kit or insulators to slip beneath drafty doors. Simple and easy to install, these straightforward little tools can go a long way toward saving you money on your energy bills this winter.

Tip 6. Layer

If you’re going to be outside moving during the winter, you need to dress accordingly. When you’re lifting items and loading boxes, you’ll start to sweat, which will make your clothing damp. When you stop, though, you’ll cool off and get cold if your skin-facing layers don’t wick sweat as they should. With this in mind, give some thought to how you layer your clothing. Wear performance fabrics next to the skin, where they’ll absorb moisture and maintain your core temperature. Layer fleece, down, or wool items on top of that, and ensure you’re dressed so that you can add or subtract layers, according to your comfort level.

Tip 7. Drive Carefully

While dressing properly and maintaining your home’s outdoor spaces are important, driving carefully is, as well. Regardless of whether you’re just running down the street to grab milk, or heading all the way out to your new home, be sure you’re driving as carefully as possible. This means being defensive, paying careful attention to other drivers on the road, and giving yourself plenty of time to slow down and stop in icy conditions. While driving may seem like a minimal part of moving, it’s actually essential, and paying attention to how you do it can spell the difference between a safe, successful move, and one that winds up in a costly and annoying fender bender.

Moving in the Winter: Tips From the Pros

While moving in the winter can feel like an intimidating pursuit, it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. By being prepared for the challenges you might face and understanding how to navigate them accordingly, you can enjoy a safe, simple, and straightforward move, from start to finish. Need additional help planning your move? Maybe you’re in search of a professional long-distance moving team who can help you without taking over the show. Whatever the case may be, Move it Cube it is here for you. Your go-to source for reliable long-distance moving, we’re happy to help with whatever you need and answer any questions you may have.

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