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The Best Way to Survive a Self-Service Move

When it comes to moving, you have the option of hiring a full-service mover or handling the moving and packing yourself. Hiring a full-service mover is stress-free and efficient, however, it can be costly. Hence, lots of people often opt for the DIY approach. If you have the time, energy and can undergo the stress, self service moves can be a great way to save cost.

At Move It Cube It, we provide helpful options for those who want to do a self-service move. We offer clients a DIY guide to moving. We provide clients with packing supplies and our modular moving containers. The modular shipping containers are designed to help secure and transport your belongings to your destination safely. Above all, our self service move will help you save overall moving cost, time and patience.


How Do We Help You Survive a Self-Service Move?

At Move It Cube It, we understand that self-moves are often stressful and overwhelming. Our self-service moves aim to eliminate the stress that comes with moving and packing. We also provide adequate security and privacy for your belongings. This way, we can help make your relocation a success. Here are some ways through which we help our clients survive a self-service move.


Modular Cubes a.k.a. Modular Moving Containers

We provide modular moving containers to clients to help with their self service moves. Our modular cubes are convenient, flexible, and secure. Also, the cubes are weather- and water-resistant. They provide a high level of security for your items and belongings. They are very strong and can withstand threats from external forces and torque.

What’s more, we will deliver the modular cubes directly to your door. You can use as many modular cubes as you want. With your load inside, the modular containers are sealed with your lock and key. Move It Cube It is always available to help pack your modular moving containers. Thus, making your move easier and faster.


Flexible Modular Cube Options

Furthermore, our modular moving containers feature different sizes. We provide a wide selection of modular cubes for you to choose from. Above all, the moving cubes are fully trackable and secure. You can be confident about the safety and privacy of your belongings.



In addition, we provide flexible transportation means. You don’t have to worry about hiring a truck or planning for other transportation means.  Move It Cube It will be responsible for picking up and delivering the container. When you are ready to ship, our trusted team will transport your belongings safely to your new home, using our moving trucks.


Portable Storage Solution

Besides using the modular moving containers for your move, you can also use them as a portable storage solution. The best part of using the modular cubes as a portable storage solution is you are in charge. It is sealed with your lock and keys.

However, you have the flexibility and control to plan your move. You may decide to ship to your new home immediately. You can also store at our secure storage facility temporary until you secure an apartment or decide where you are going. With our self-service moves, you have no reason to rush. We will give you enough time to plan each step and process involved in your relocation. This way, you can determine what works best for you.


There you have it! Above are some ways through which we help survive a self-service move. Moving by yourself involves a lot of stress and overwhelming experiences. Our self-service moves are here to help eliminate these. With this, you can successfully plan and execute your move.

Choose Us for Your Self Service Moves

Are you considering moving by yourself? Contact us today at Move It Cube It to get started. We are a licensed and insured moving company with several years of experience in handling short and long-distance moves. We provide modular moving container systems for self-service moves. Thus, making transporting goods easy and cost-efficient.

Also, our modular cubes are weather- and water-resistant. They are suitable for short and long-distance moves, emergency moves, and home renovations. College students can also use the modular cubes. The cubes will keep your items and belongings safe and secure.

Move It Cube will give you the convenience and flexibility you need for your next move. Give us a call today to know more about our self service moves and other services. We guarantee you an excellent and hassle-free moving experience.


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