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The Most Secure Van Line Services for Your Long Distance Move

You’ve downsized to prepare for your move, and you’ve only kept the belongings that are most valuable to you. That means the items you’re moving are items you can’t afford to lose. Yet, when you’re moving, the potential for theft and loss increases greatly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a van line service that offered extra security?

Why Move It Cube It is the Most Secure Van Line Service

You always want to hope for the best when you move into your new home, but its always a good idea to prepare the worst. Unfortunately, there are several different circumstances that can result in your possessions never making it to your new home. At Move It Cube It, we prepare for the worst, so you don’t have to.  Our proprietary cubes are designed to keep theft and loss out of the picture. Here’s how our cubes work to turn the even the worst -case scenarios into the best-case scenarios for our long-distance moving customers.

Worst Case Scenario 1: Items Get Lost

It’s not unusual for van line services to try to handle multiple moves at once, so your belongings are sharing truck space with someone else’s. When household items need to travel a long distance, there are several stops and exchanges made along the way that require the loading and offloading of trucks. Items that are not packed securely can become misplaced or mixed with belongings from another move.

Best Case Scenario: The Cube

After your cubes are packed, you have the peace of mind of locking them and holding on to the key. The cubes isolate and compartmentalize your items so they can’t be mixed with others. Our cubes are moved with the touch of a button using our innovative cube jack and pulley system to keep handling to a minimum, reducing the risk of damage and loss that are often associated with traditional moving.

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Worst Case Scenario 2: Items Get Stolen

Sadly, not all van line services are as thorough as Moving Squad during the hiring process. Some less reputable companies don’t perform background checks on their employees and others hire unprofessional movers. With untrustworthy employees moving your belongings, its not unlikely that they will pocket one of your valuable collectables.

Best Case Scenario: The Cube

Even if one of our movers was unreliable, it would be impossible for him to pocket your belongings. You have the key; that means no one has access to your items during transportation, not even our movers.

Worst Case Scenario 3: Unguarded Belongings

Sometimes belongings are left in an unguarded area in the driveway or in front of the lawn. That makes it easy for passerbys and neighbors to help themselves to your things. Furniture left by the curb can be mistaken for trash and leaving the truck unwatched increases potential for theft.

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Best Case Scenario: The Cube

Move It Cube It’s reliable moving team always does its best to keep careful watch over all your belongings during every part of the move. But, as we said before, we always prepare for the worst. When you move with us, all your belongings are packed and locked into our cubes before they leave your house, so nobody can see your belongings, nor can they help themselves to them.

How the Cube Works

Move It Cube It’s innovative moving process starts with our weather and impact resistant cubes. Our van line service will bring them to your house to pack at your convenience, or you can choose our full-service moving experience in which our reliable professionals will pack everything for you.

After your items are packed, you get to lock the cubes up and hold on to the key. This gives you a sense of security, knowing that you will be the only one with access to your items during transportation.

When items need to be offloaded from one truck and loaded onto another during interstate and long-distance moves, the exchange is done at the touch of a button. Our cubes work with our engineered trucks and pulleys to move the cubes from one truck to another automatically. Your items are safe in their cubes where they can’t be lost or mixed with other belongings.

Once we’ve dropped off the cubes at your destination, or in our short-term and long-term storage facilities, it becomes a simple job to unpack your items because of Move It Cube Its revolutionary approach. Ultimately, time is saved on labor, keeping costs down for the consumer.

To learn more about our van line services and our proprietary cube design, contact us today and request our rate quote. When you go with Move It
Cube It, you always get the best-case scenario.


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