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Why Choose Cubes over Traditional Moving Companies?

In the past, traditional moving companies were the only option for moving. Unfortunately, these traditional moving companies have not innovated the moving process and many facets of it could use some fine tuning. Fortunately, our professional moving experts have reinvented the moving process so that it is optimized for efficiency while lowering costs.

At Move It Cube It, our aim is to offer excellent, stress-free, and enjoyable moving experience to clients. Our modular cube system and shipping containers offer a safer, more secure, and reliable way to move over a short or long distance. These modular cubes are durable, strong, weather-resistant, and feature the latest technology.

In addition, our modular cubes offer you added convenience, ease of storage, flexibility, and so much more. With these moving cubes, you can never go wrong. Here are some reasons to choose our moving cubes over the methods of a traditional moving company:


One of the primary advantages of our modular cubes is the convenience they offer. At Move It Cube It, we understand that you will like to move at your own pace. To avoid any rush, our trusted team will deliver the cubes to your home. You can use as many modular cubes as you want. Also, you can take your time to pack your items and belongings.

Flexibility and Control

Unlike other traditional movers, we are happy to leave our moving cubes at your place for over a month. You can take your time to pack or unload, even after delivery. On the contrary, traditional moving companies expect you to load into the moving truck and unload your belongings in a day. This isn’t flexible enough and can be quite exhausting.

Once you have filled the modular cubes with your items, our team will collect them. We will transport the cubes to your preferred destination overnight. All you need to do is handle the loading and unloading. You can either do this yourself or let our experts help you out. In fact, we will give you enough time to unload. No rush!

Reliable Storage Solution

What’s more, in case you need somewhere to store your belongings temporarily before unloading, or while you get a place, our moving cubes can serve as a storage solution. The modular cubes are easily stackable. Hence, you can store them at a location with little effort. Also, we can help you store the cubes temporarily at any of our highly-secure, climate-controlled storage facility.

Safer and More Secure

Unfortunately, some individuals or businesses that use traditional moving companies often complain of lost, damaged, or missing items after the move. This is because you have less control over how your belongings are moved or loaded into the moving truck.

However, our modular cubes are safer and more secure. Once you pack your belongings, you can seal the cube with your lock and key. This indicates that only you will have access to the cubes and your belongings. Hence, reducing the chances of item theft or loss.

Fully Trackable

In addition, our modular cubes are fully trackable. Trackers have been installed in the moving cubes to keep clients informed about the whereabouts of their belongings. On the contrary, you only get to see your items provided the traditional moving company delivers them to your destination. With our trackable modular cubes, you can finally monitor the location of your items and belongings. Knowing the whereabouts of your belongings gives you peace of mind.

Water and Weather-Resistance Capabilities

Finally, the unpredictable weather, moisture, and so forth often pose a threat to items and belongings that are being transported by traditional moving companies. To prevent this from happening, we have engineered our moving cubes to be water-resistant and weather-resistant. This ensures that the contents of the modular cubes will not be affected by bad weather, moisture, or water.

There you have it! Above are some reasons why you should choose our moving cubes over traditional moving companies. The days of moving using obsolete methods and techniques have finally come to an end. Our modular cubes offer a more reliable, convenient, safer way to move your belongings.

Also, these modular cubes are very strong and can withstand torque, external forces, and pressure. Whether you are moving over a long or short distance, our modular cube systems and shipping containers are guaranteed to help make your move a success.

For more information about our professional moving services, get in touch with us today at Move It Cube It. Our services are affordable, detailed, and highly professional. Our revolutionary modular cube system provides an innovative, secure, and more reliable way to move your belongings. Our trusted experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and excellent services that give 100% client satisfaction.



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