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Why our Cubes Beat Renting a Moving Truck

Napoleon Bonaparte once famously said, “If you want something done well, do it yourself.” However, sometimes DIY can become IOYH (in over your head). If you’re planning a move, renting a moving truck may save you money, but keep in mind, moving costs more than money. You often find that when you add up all the costs, they greatly outweigh the costs of hiring a professional mover.

At Move It Cube It, we’ve come up with the most streamlined moving process ever. We’ve designed our innovative modular transport system to virtually eliminate the risks of loss and damage. Add to that our experienced team of professionals who assist you with every aspect of the moving process, and you might want to rethink your decision about renting a moving truck. Here are some reasons why using Move It Cube It cubes beat truck rentals.

  1. Cutting Down on Loss and Damage That Occurs With Rental Trucks

At Move It Cube It, we’ve been in the moving business for over 50 years, and we know how much stress the risk of loss and damage can add to a move. We also know that most of the loss and damage occurs when items are handled. At Move It Cube It, our cubes are designed specifically to keep handling to a minimum.

Once your items are packed securely in our impact and weather resistant cubes, you lock them and hold on to the key. In the case that your move requires that your belongings be transferred from one truck to another, our cubes work with our specially engineered trucks and pully system to offload and load your items. Your items stay compartmentalized and isolated during the process, preventing them from getting lost or mixed with other items, thereby eliminating the risk of human error associated with the traditional moving and rental truck processes.

  1. Staying on Schedule

When you opt for renting a moving truck, time is truly your own. Which is wonderful, as long as you chose to use that time to prepare for your move. At Move It Cube It, we drop the cubes off at your house and are happy to leave them there for you to pack at your convenience, so you can pack your items in stages if you choose. But we also set times for truck arrival and do our part to help you get organized and stay organized throughout your move.

  1. We Take Care of the Hard Work

Moving takes its toll. Even if you never have to move a couch or lift a heavy box, moving taxes your time, effects your psychological state, and adds significantly to your to-do list. When there are so many tasks to be handled, knowing that you have a professional mover to take care of the heavy lifting can come as a relief.

Plus, Move It Cube It can handle many tasks beyond the offloading and loading of trucks. We provide professional packing services, including expert disassembly and reassembly of furniture, appliance set up, and long term and short-term storage options.

For tips on packing for a move, check out consumer affairs.com.

  1. Providing you with an Experienced Moving Team

Face it, no one wants to help you move. Asking is hard and getting turned down just adds insult to injury. Finding able-bodied movers can be tricky, but with Move It Cube It, you can rest assured knowing that you have pros on your side who have experience with tasks such as getting oddly shaped furniture through halls and doorways and navigating heavy items downstairs. Our trained team of professionals also knows proper lifting techniques that help us to avoid injury to ourselves and ultimately to you and yours.

For tips on proper lifting techniques, go to myhealth.alberta.ca

  1. Truck Organization

Believe it or not, there is an art to truck organization, and at Move It Cube It, we’ve mastered it. We know where to stack boxes for maximum efficiency and maximum protection. This type of organization streamlines the process of loading and unloading items, saving you time and energy and cutting down on the risk of damage to your items during transport.

A Word from Move It Cube It

Now take a minute and add up all the costs of renting a moving truck and then request a rate quote from Move It Cube It. We think that once you do, you’ll see you have a clear winner with us.

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