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Your Handy Storage Unit Checklist

Packing your belongings without professionals can be stressful and overwhelming. When you are moving your belongings to a new home, packing remains an essential task. You need to pack your items and belongings in such a manner that they will arrive safely at your destination. In some cases, you may be moving your belongings to a storage unit temporarily. Regardless, you will need a storage unit checklist to ensure that your belongings are packed carefully.

Furthermore, storage units are helpful facilities that you will need in some circumstances. Using one may be your surest way to preserve some of your valued belongings on a short term or long term basis. Whatever the case, it is important that you get things right from packing to moving the packed items into storage. The expert storage unit checklist below can be very helpful in making the entire process easier and smoother:


Create a Comprehensive Inventory of What to Keep In the Storage

First things first; make sure you create a comprehensive inventory of what you are going to keep in the storage facility. It is unlikely that anything will get missing from your storage unit but it is safer to take an inventory for your personal use and also for insurance purposes in the event of an incidence.


Choose the Right Type of Storage

What’s more, there are different types of storage options available in many places. It is important that you choose the right type for the things you need to store. After making an inventory of the belongings to store, look for a storage facilitate that can conveniently take them all. It is also important that you get different storage quotes and choose the one you are most comfortable with.


Start With the Right Boxes

Also, it is very important to pack your belongings with the right boxes for so many reasons. Using the wrong kind of boxes for certain items will cause damages during transportation and even in the storage container. It is advisable to use large and small boxes to pack items according to their weight and where they belong in your home. Lighter items should be packed in big boxes while the heavy ones should go into smaller boxes where few can fill. This is an essential tip in your storage unit checklist.


Pack Fragile Items with Care

Moreover, fragile items need to be packed with care. You need to wrap such items as mirrors, glasses, plates, cups and other breakables before packing them. Using a bubble wrap is a great idea and you should also provide extra cushion. Make sure they are protected while pacing, during transit and in the storage container.


Never Pack Prohibited Items

There are items that are strictly prohibited from being kept in storage units and you should never pack them. Perishables, food items, toxins and inflammables should never be kept in storage units even for a day. Check what the facility you intend to use prohibit and keep them away.


Fill up Empty Spaces in Boxes

In addition, t is important that every packed box be filled before transportation. This will protect the items from shifting and protect the boxes from getting damaged when they are stacked. You can use packing paper of trifles to fill up your packed boxes.


Label Each Box Clearly On All Sides

Furthermore, you need to know the content of all boxes in your storage unit. This means you have to label the boxes right after packing them. Be specific with your labeling and ensure that the boxes are labeled on all sides immediately after packing.

Protect Your Belongings Properly

There is need to take extra care to protect your belongings even in the storage container. Though most storage facilities are well constructed to offer maximum protection against weather and natural elements, you can do more to protect what is yours. You can lay down tarps, cardboard mats or wooden pallets to protect your belongings from leaks, pests, rodents and other nuisances.


Ensure That Your Unit is Manageable

It is likely that you will need to get things from your packed belongings from time to time. This is especially true if you are going to use the storage facility for a long while. It is important that you make the storage unit as manageable as possible to access your belongings. Boxes that are not frequently accessed should be stored at the back of the unit while those you will need from time to time should be stored in the front. Create an aisle in the middle of the unit to allow easy access to all the boxes.


There you have it! Above is a handy storage unit checklist that will help prepare you when moving your items and belongings to a storage facility. Storage units usually provide an ideal place to store your belongings until you get a permanent space of your own. By following the tips above, the entire experience of packing your belongings will turn out smooth and hassle-free for you.

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